ItsNotYouItsMe Throwback Features Master And Hero Giorgio Moroder Performing A Spellbinding Set Live At The Lowlands 2019!

ItsNotYouItsMe Throwback features master and hero Giorgio Moroder performing a spellbinding set live at thee Lowlands 2019!

"Giorgio Moroder's crazy sing-along hour. Great revenge for failed DJ flirt...

A couple in a row are standing arm in arm with their eyes closed. Old ballroom steps are dusted on the side of the tent. And far beyond the tent everyone is singing and dancing. It's my last chance for romance tonight !, blares over the field. It is unbelievable how euphoric Lowlands becomes of the singing-along hour of Giorgio Moroder, his high mass of the shameless pop.

Incredibly especially after the bad DJ sets with which Moroder first performed. The Italian was a man from the studio, a songwriter and producer. He was around seventy years ago when someone convinced him it was a good idea to do DJ sets. In fact, he only had to start his own productions, but instead he played all kinds of deformed EDM versions of his classic hits. An embarrassing display. What a relief that he is here tonight with a band that does justice to his sound.

Moroder is seen as one of the founders of electronic dance music and producer of a number of classical disco hits, in particular of Donna Summer. But Moroder was also a sought-after soundtrack composer and accompanist of the most cheesy hits in pop history. They get surefire versions that go in like a cake. 'Take My Breath Away' (from Top Gun) and 'What A Feeling' (from Flashdance) are hysterical highlights. Totally over the top, completely hit here in the tent. There are also more stylish, more credible tracks. 'The Chase' for example, an instrumental that was recently played by Kamma & Masalo at the hippest festival in Amsterdam.

Moroder itself does nothing at all. He stands behind a kind of table in the middle of the stage and occasionally tells something about the next song. During the songs he sticks to a woodblock or whistle, sometimes he pretends to sing, without hearing him. But again, he is not an artist. The band does justice to its productions, including the singers. Come on, we forgive the singer in the Toppers glitter jacket. In fact, this is an ode, under the watchful eye of the master himself. If he were to die, Lowlands could have done without him this hour, right?

The most indestructible classic is 'I Feel Love', one of the cornerstones under the house. Moroder shows his band how he composed that track, and then a sublime performance follows. If Donna Summer were still alive and performing here, it wouldn't sound better. Although: the real Donna from tape sounds a little later when the band uses 'McArthur Park'. That sounds like an incredibly bad idea, it turns out to be a hit. Exactly as this entire performance became an unexpected highlight." -


1. I Feel Love
2. Hot Stuff
3. Call Me.

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