Dig Out Our First K-Pop Song Choice Of 2020! No Stranger To Our Pages, It's Momoland And Their Stellar Musique Video 'Thumbs Up'!

Dig out our first new K-Pop song choice of 2020! No stranger to our pages before, it's Momoland and their yummy spellbinding stellar musique video entitled, 'Thumbs Up'! Springing back from one of our favorites tunes of 2019, "I'm So Hot".

Momoland has electrified, commencing the new year/decade quite impeccably with “Thumbs Up.” It's the first new tune to feature the gals as a nine-member group after members Yeonwoo and Taeha, while member Daisy has been on hiatus since last year.

Thee saucy sunny upbeat tune is parred with an eye-gasmic hypnotizing music video that'll leave you feeling like you've fallen down the Cheshire hole. Momoland portrays quite spectacularly DHL delivery workers.

Also playing partying people celebrating the characters of some South Korean children’s show known as "Pororo." We can just imagine DJ mixing both "Thumbs Up" and "I'm So Hot" into one phenomenal sparkling spicy dance mix.

Without further ado, press play on Momoland’s super saucy far-out musique video “Thumbs Up” right below!

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