Allow Us To Introduce You To Saucy Stellar, Singer-Songwriter Maye!

Allow us to introduce you to saucy stellar, singer-songwriter Maye! Hailing from thee swinging hot hot heat waves of Miami, rising pop kitten Maye churned out a buttery majestic single entitled, "Tu".

Born in Venezuela and, thee U.S. was her true neck of the woods. Maye shares DNA with her papa Fernando Osorio, who part of Eighties pop group Fernando y Juan Carlos. His writing has also been crystallized by many icons such as Celia Cruz. “My earliest memories are of him singing to me,” Maye shared with RollingStone.

She further spilled thee tea expressing how she recalls the days when her pops would return homes with loads CDs like Shakira, and Juanes. Maye may have been young but nonetheless a genuine artist because she listened to music without consideration for the genre. Cause that's how real artists' brains are wired. You are either born like this or not.

Whether it was The Backstreet Boys, Aaliyah, or A Tribe Called Quest, she also reminisced about her nightlife days. “I would sneak into clubs into Miami with a fake ID when I was 15 to go see a J Balvin show.”

Maye’s tune, “TΓΊ,” is a dreamy silky moving wonderland, full of sensual sophistication and earnest desire. With plush and velvety vocals, the bass groove impeccably intertwines with the vibrations. A complete ode to the beautiful sounds of Bolero music.

Definitely paving out an innovatively, super far-out fresh traditional sound. Get into the Maye groove and press play on thee latest ItsNotYouItsMe hit parade with thee euphoric tune, "Tu" featured right below!

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