Allow Us To Introduce Yall To Thee Stellar-Electric Duo Go Hawaii & Their Yummy Tune "Blac Slant"!

Allow us to introduce yall to thee stellar-electric duo Go Hawaii and their yummy tune "Blac Slant"! Thee indie-post punk lo-fi mates have unleashed an EP entitled, "Bedroom dreams".

 The single is a moody groovy dancefloor-ready jam complete with all the right alternative and sleek sonics. Reminiscent to bands such as Interpol, Joy Division, Talking Heads and deep voices like the Thom Yorke's of the world.

The moment "Blac Slant" kicks in and introduces the verses is an entire entrancing and hypnotizing beat and slowly simmers reaching a sizzling warm chorus.

An optimistic melody intertwined into a dark ethereal story. It's an impeccable synth-rock joint that'll have all you rock n rollers with your hair rollers falling out, swaying along to the beautiful guitar riffs and raw-candid vocals.

These gentlemen hailing from Salem, Massachusetts are churning out their tunes producing via Da Cove, and according to their Sound Cloud are, "producing between a basement and a bedroom in an abandoned house."

Without further ado, get into the Go Hawaii groove and press play on ItsNotYouItsMe hit parade with the stellar atmospheric song "Blac Slant"!

Extra song track!

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