A Little Laughter In Your Bowl Today... On Thee Kelly Clarkson Show, Kelly & Actress Annie Murphy Perform A Remix Of 'Schitt's Creek' Now-Iconic Parody Pop Song 'A Little Bit Alexis'!

A little laughter in your bowl today... On thee Kelly Clarkson Show, Kelly Clarkson and actress Annie Murphy perform a Remix Of  'Schitt's Creek' now-iconic parody pop tune 'A Little Bit Alexis'!

Paying homage to one of our favorite shows of 2019, Schitt's Creek, thee incomparable and ahead of its time Canadian television entertainment program unleashed its sixth and final season this January. We've attended live premieres in the past and have been watching since day one. Even when the rating numbers were lingering, we kept hope.

Now Kelly Clarkson along with the rest of America are finally paying attention to the show after it's garnered mainstream bandwagon popularity. Alas, the commercial attention arrived once the series is coming to an end. But like all truly innovative and original ideas, it takes a while for a typical society to catch onboard. At thee end of the day, there are two types of people in the world, leaders, and followers.

Clarkson invited Annie Murphy to her talk show in a preferred scene of Schitt's Creek. "Murphy's character, Alexis, auditions for a role in her mom Moira's production of Cabaret with the theme from her "critically reviewed limited reality series.""

The result is a campy pop song with a hilarious lyrical thesis. "A Little Bit Alexis," got remixed from Kelly Clarkson. She added her own second verse, singing she's a "whole lot of Texas" who chats a lot, drinks happy juice (aka wine), has a yummy husband and works 20 jobs!

Dig out all the funny right below!

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