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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Freek Iven & Yang Hao are the Faces of PRADA Resort 2020 Collection

"Models Freek Iven and Yang Hao star in Prada‘s Resort 2020 Seditious Simplicity campaign lensed by fashion photographers Drew Vickers and Keizo Kitajima. In charge of styling was Olivier Rizzo, with beauty from hair stylist Anthony Turner, and makeup artist Lucia Pieroni.

“A celebration of the preciousness of the everyday, an expression of the style of life, a piece of now. Realness. The Prada Resort 2020 campaign celebrates the beauty of living, of reality, of today.

The two photographers selected by Prada to document this collection are noted for their dichotomous yet equally powerful portrayals of personalities – of humanity. New York-based Drew Vickers has drawn international acclaim for composed, calm and elegant portraits that sensitively highlight the quiet and tender human emotion within his subjects. Here, the photographs are as much an expression of the feeling of the collection – a portrait of the fashion – as of the sitters themselves. Prada has chosen to contrast these with the work of Japanese photographer Keizo Kitajima, noted for his real and dynamic street photography from the 1970s through until today.“" -

Tom Hutchinson Talks Life-Orientated Insights And Career Choices, Highlighting Education As An Indispensable Collective Medium

Could you kindly introduce yourself to us?

Hey Fucking Young! My full name is Thomas Joseph Hutchinson, however many people know me as Tom Hutch, purely due to my Instagram profile name. I grew up in a town called Newbury, located in the U.K., before moving closer to London.

My journey began when I was still in secondary school. I was very active, playing all sorts of sports, including rugby, cycling, and swimming. I was in private education from a very young age, (maybe when I was about 7 years old) right until GCSE’s, where I moved to a larger school. At the time, I was studying biology, economics, and geography, however, the start of my career in the modeling industry meant I missed far more lessons than I should have. However, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Modeling has taken me to places I would have never been to, through which I met some incredible people that I would have never known unless I pursued it. So far, I’ve traveled all around the UK, Paris, Germany, and Spain, hoping to branch out even further in the near future. My key hope is that one day, I’ll be able to travel all over the globe, with friends that I’ve met in the industry, doing things I would have never had even dreamed about. My biggest personal achievement is traveling all over Europe for work, with incredible people. My first job saw me jetting off to Germany, which got me extremely excited for the future of my career.

Taking it back to the very beginning – how did it all start out for you?

On my 16th birthday, my mum planned a photoshoot in a local studio, more for her memories and photo books than for my benefit. Therefore, I reluctantly went and had some photos taken of me. The photographer who took the shoot recommended that my mother should have sent my photos off to agencies, however, this Idea was slept on for months, with the only thing coming out of the shoot being some embarrassing prints that mum urged to put all over the walls of the house. Finally, I posted these photos on Instagram, and several mother agents messaged me – such move marked the start of everything.

Three words that describe your best self are…

Confident, driven, and perfectionist.

Who’s been the best client to work with?

Haha, very tricky question. I’ve enjoyed working with everyone that I’ve shot with so far, with not one bad experience, so I honestly couldn’t say.

Favorite modeling experience so far?

Favorite modeling experience so far has got to be chilling on the roof of the PUMA headquarters in Germany, playing football with a bunch of new mates, while I knew it was raining in the U.K.

How’s it been for you since commencing?

I’m still meeting new people, working with new clients and having a good time with the work that I do. Since signing with NEVS, I’ve also joined several other agencies worldwide, signing contracts in London, Paris, Milan, and Amsterdam. Though sometimes, I’m not working as much as I’d like to, I’m still a baby in the industry, and have a long way to go!

Essentials to bring along your travels for a last-minute job are…

AirPods always – music is my biggest friend on the journey. Also, a charger, that saves me every time, but the amount of times I’ve forgotten it is unreal… maybe some mints too, I love mints.

As a greatly-esteemed model across social media, what are your thoughts in regard to the whole Instagram thing?

Instagram is a great platform, with huge scope to make a following for yourself, but I honestly don’t think it should be as important as it is. I probably don’t post as often as I should either, but that’s a “me” problem. I have plenty of loyal followers and many nice messages, however, there will always be a few nasty ones too, but you shouldn’t let it get to your head.

Do you feel empowered through your social media channels? If so/not, how come?

I love it and I hate it. With my main social media channel being Instagram, there is a pressure to always come across as your best self. It becomes a sort of image of you that is always accessible to everyone, which can be quite pressuring.

What do wish you could have done differently?

If I were going to go back in time, I’d probably concentrate more on my education and avoid missing as much school. However, if I didn’t put myself in the positions I have, I may not have been where I am in my career now.

Any major inspirations?

Addis Miller has to be one of my biggest inspirations in the industry, as I’ve known of him from the start of my career. His face is everywhere, travels all over the world with work, and looks like he has fun doing it. He’s a lovely guy too, we occasionally bump into each other in the agency!

Biggest remorse?

Not bringing a coat or jumper on the coldest shoot on planet earth.

What’s the wisest lesson you’ve learnt being in the industry?

Be yourself, stay true to you and don’t let anyone change that.

Any advice to give to the young wave of aspiring models?

Education remains imperative. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing, because you won’t be pretty all of your life. I’d always say to aspiring models, ‘work on yourself before you work’, keep your Instagram clean, presentable and professional as that is a big piece of your self-advertising. And above all, enjoy yourself and be nice to everyone: importance never justifies anything. Modeling and the industry aren’t for everyone, so be confident and know how to dwell criticism.

Photography & Styling: Joseph Sinclair @josephsinclair
Grooming: Daisy Holubowicz
Talent: Tom Hutchinson @_tomhutch at @nevsmodels
Clothing by Umbro, Scotch & Soda." -

MMSCENE STYLE STORIES: Eros at the Lake by Pasquale Autorino

"Fashion photographer Pasquale Autorino captured Eros at the Lake story exclusively for MMSCENE STYLE STORIES featuring Aghiles Dahmani and Tyler Veilleux at Independent Management, and Sergio Amore at I Love Models Management. In charge of styling was Deborah La Guardia, assisted by Erica Benocci, with art direction from Stefano Siggillino, and grooming by beauty artist Noemi Auetasc.

For the session models are wearing selected pieces from Promised, Alessandro Gherardi, Iceberg, Tela Genova, Avril, Caliban, Edithmarcel, Paolo Pecora, Tintoria Mattei, Re-Hash, Napapijri, Alto, Frau, Puma, Massimo Rebecchi, Officine Creative, Obey, Dondup, Calvin Klein, Intimissimi, Lacoste, and Polo Ralph Lauren.

Discover more of the story below:" -

MMSCENE PORTRAITS: Lester Kamen by Eddie Blagbrough

"The handsome Lester Kamen updates his portfolio with an exclusive session captured by fashion photographer Eddie Blagbrough for MMSCENE PORTRAITS.

Discover more of the story below:" -

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