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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Ader Error SS19 Video Campaign

"Ader Error unveiled the video campaign for its Spring/Summer 2019 collection titled “ARROW“.

Take a look below:" -

Growing Pains

"Liam Rogers at The Lab Models shot by Aldo Giarelli and styled by Olympia de Molossi, in exclusive for Fucking Young! Online.

Casting: Jacopo Mainini Bandera
Make-up & Hair: Silvia Galeazzo
Props Stylist: Arianna Dell’Opera
BRANDS: Balmain, Jovan, Tom Rebl, Marni, HXTN, Lanvin, Yezael by Cruciani, Dirk Bikkembergs, LaVue Milano, Adidas, P448, Rayban, Knuckles, Palm Angels, Birkenstock, OOF, MTL Studio Matteo Lamandini." -

Richard Madden Stars in Interview Magazine Spring 2019 Cover Story

"Game of Thrones and Bodyguard star Richard Madden takes the cover story of Interview Magazine‘s Spring 2019 edition captured by fashion photographer Bruno Staub. In charge of styling was Mel Ottenberg, with grooming from Barbara Guillaume using R+Co and La Mer at Forward Artists, and production by Helena Martel Seward at Lolly Would." -

Friday, April 12, 2019

Billie Eilish & Blondie Shall Be Honored at ASCAP Pop Music Awards

The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers aka thee ASCAP Pop Music Awards shall honor brilliant young artist Billie Eilish & thee forever eternal iconic Blondie!

"Fresh off the release of her record-breaking Billboard 200 No. 1 debut album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, Billie Eilish is adding another accolade to her resume -- the pop phenom will receive the Vanguard Award at ASCAP's upcoming Pop Music Awards, the organization has announced.

Previous recipients of the prestigious honor, given to innovators shaping the future of music, include Janelle Monáe and the Beastie Boys. Eilish will accept the award along with her songwriting and production collaborator (and brother) FINNEAS.

The 36th annual ceremony will also honor Electric Light Orchestra mastermind Jeff Lynne with the Founders Award for songwriters and composers, and Blondie icons Debbie Harry, Chris Stein and Clem Burke with the career-encompassing Golden Note Award.

"It is so exciting to have legendary music heroes and groundbreaking talents of all eras sharing our Pop Music Awards stage and recognized for their distinctive contributions to music," said ASCAP chairman of the board and president Paul Williams. "Jeff Lynne has led a singular career and we are all fortunate that his musical genius has been felt so widely. His legendary stature is well-deserved and ASCAP is very proud to present him with our highest honor.

"Debbie Harry, Chris Stein and Clem Burke electrified an underground music scene and later mainstream listeners when they married punk and pop with Debbie’s enviably cool lyrics and voice," he continued. "Their experimentation with nearly every genre -- rock, punk, reggae, rap, disco -- anchored by their roots in great songwriting, is what truly sets them apart.

"Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell are mesmerizing the pop world with their inventive songs and sounds that speak for a new generation of music listeners. Their music shows us how classic themes of love and desire can manifest themselves in song in endlessly fresh and compelling ways."

The invitation-only awards ceremony is slated for May 16 in Beverly Hills." -

Haley Reinhart Chit Chats With Billboard & Simultaneously Unleashes A Euphorically Retro Vintage With A Modern Twist Musique Video For Her Single 'Shook'!

Haley Reinhart unleashes a euphorically retro vintage with a modern twist musique video for her single 'Shook'!

"Haley Reinhart is making music on her own terms. The American Idol alum has unveiled the video for “Shook,” the latest track off her fourth studio album Lo-Fi Soul, and chatted exclusively with Billboard about the next chapter of her career as an independent artist.

Reinhart wrote the track with Tony Esterly and friend Clare Reynolds after a fun night of partying in Nashville, as she explains to Billboard. “It was my birthday weekend, and this was my last session before leaving to go back to L.A. I was hungover and wanted to write a tune that channeled that hazy feeling, mixed with a lusty, love-drunk state of mind."

The accompanying video represents Reinhart's deep subconscious, and "the 'good and bad' angels over my shoulder who follow me in my dream," she continues. "We toy with a boy I’m infatuated with as we dance around him and play dress up in the RagDoll Pink Palace."

The visual, which features Jay Starrett of MTV’s Ex On The Beach as the above-mentioned boy toy, certainly captures Reinhart’s love-drunk vision. In the clip, the 28-year-old vamps through L.A.'s life-size dollhouse wearing colorful lingerie, velvet opera gloves and a pink wig as she and her pals tease Starrett with feather boas and sultry come-ons. Reinhart barrels through the song’s enticing lyrics with the same raw, growling vocals that propelled her to a third-place finish on Idol’s 10th season behind future country stars Lauren Alaina and winner Scotty McCreery.

Inspired by the melodies of the 1950s, “Shook” also gives fans a taste of the soulful throwback vibes that permeate all 13 tracks of Reinhart’s new album, itself a follow-up to her 2017 covers LP What’s That Sound?, which featured the singer’s take on ‘60-era classics by everyone from The Shirelles and The Beatles to Buffalo Springfield and Nancy Sinatra.

"Lo-Fi Soul defines me and all the different colors and characteristics of who I am,” she tells Billboard. “I’m just an old soul who’s constantly connecting the dots in life, smiling all the way...I’ve managed to combine my favorites sounds of soul and rock ‘n’ roll with hints of jazz and R&B. I used certain sounds like 808s, heavy bass, organ, horns, and reverb guitars to bring it all together."

Reinhart’s fourth album marks a new era, involving even more artistic freedom for the singer. After being shuffled through both major and indie labels for her first three releases -- from Interscope/19 to ole to Concord Records -- she’s taking full creative control on Lo-Fi Soul by releasing it independently.

“Being independent rocks,” the singer says. “I put out exactly what I want, when I want. There’s no compromising or dumbing down my vision when it comes to the music and my aesthetic -- and I own it, too. I’ve enjoyed working with labels in the past, but it feels good to be at that point in my career where I can do it on my own. It’s definitely been more work on the business end and overall, but boy is it worth it.”

Reinhart’s manager Larry Rudolph, who counts Britney Spears, Aerosmith and Kim Petras among his famed roster, agrees with the singer’s move away from the label system.

“If anyone can thrive as an independent artist in today's music space, it's Haley Reinhart,” he tells Billboard. “Her unique and undeniable talent, along with her commitment and conviction to her art is unlike anything I have seen in a long time.”

Lo-Fi Soul is out now. Get a first look at the video for “Shook” below." -

The Number Ones: Billy Preston’s “Will It Go Round In Circles”

According to one of our musical sources:

Billy Preston – “Will It Go Round In Circles”

HIT #1: July 7, 1973

STAYED AT #1: 2 weeks

Billy Preston had done a whole lot of things by the time he got to #1. A self-taught keyboard prodigy, Preston had played with Mahalia Jackson, Nat King Cole, Little Richard, Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, the Rolling Stones, and Sly & The Family Stone. He’d also come close to joining the Beatles — playing on a bunch of late-period Beatles records, sitting in on their final rooftop concert, and getting an extremely rare “with” credit on “Get Back.” Preston recorded the first version of George Harrison’s song “My Sweet Lord,” with Harrison co-producing, though Harrison’s own version of the song was the one that hit. And Preston had gotten as high as #2 with the zippy 1972 clavinet-funk instrumental “Outa-Space.” (It’s a 6.)

That is one hell of a pop-music résumé. Preston did all that by age 26, and then he got his first #1 song. “Will It Go Round In Circles,” the first of two Billy Preston #1 singles, is a sunny soul-funk vamp, and it practically bursts with joy. Billy Preston had plenty of reason to be happy. He’d done some things.

The worst thing you can say about “Will It Go Round In Circles” is that it’s not a Stevie Wonder song. Wonder and Preston were contemporaries, and they were both former prodigies who were early adapters to the clavinet and who shared a lot of the same friends and collaborators. But Wonder was a paradigm-shifting genius, while Preston was simply an extremely good musician. As a singer, Preston sounds nothing like Wonder, but “Will It Go Round In Circles” is the same type of big-band squelch-stomp that Wonder might’ve made a few years earlier. It can’t stand up to the kind of thing that Wonder was doing at the time, but on its own terms, it’s a lot of fun.

There’s a lot going on on “Will It Go Round In Circles”: pianos, organs, harmonica, horns that burst together and then weave in and out of each other. The Brothers Johnson, soon to become hitmakers themselves, play guitar and bass, and they mostly give Preston and some of the other musicians room to go nuts. (The Brothers Johnson’s highest-charting single is 1976’s “I’ll Be Good To You,” which peaked at #3. It’s a 7.) Preston’s a keyboardist first and a singer second, but he still sells “Will It Go Round In Circles.” He’s got a nice full-bodied bleat, and he clamps down on certain words with absolute relish. (I love how “moral” becomes “maw-rulllll.”)

Preston co-wrote “Will It Go Round In Circles” with his friend and regular collaborator Bruce Fisher, who got to quit his job in the NBC mailroom when the song blew up. Preston had told Fisher that he had a song but didn’t have a melody. They made a joke out of that, and the joke became a song. The “Will It Go Round In Circles” lyrics are all silly paradoxical lines about a story with no moral (“let the bad guy win once in a while”) or a dance with no steps (“let the music move me around”). If you wanted, you could read this as Preston making a gnomic point about the eternal clash between expectations and reality. But when you listen to the song, it’s pretty clear that he’s just having fun, and that those lyrics are really just a framework for these expert musicians to run wild. In the end, it’s a best-case scenario for the jam-based song. It’s the sound of a bunch of killer musicians doing whatever they want with a nasty groove, and refusing to let the whole thing mean anything more than that.

In real life, Preston wasn’t as happy as he sounded on this song. He had to deal with the impossible reality of being a closeted gay man living his life in public. (He only came out shortly before his 2006 death.) And in his later years, his cocaine addiction would absolutely derail his career. But for the four minutes of “Will It Go Round In Circles,” you can hear Preston shaking off whatever might have been weighing him down, losing himself in doing the thing that he was really, really good at doing.

GRADE: 7/10

BONUS BEATS: Preston briefly joined the Band in the early ’90s, though he had to leave because of cocaine and sexual assault charges. Here’s video of Preston and the Band playing “Will It Go Round In Circles” at a 1991 Arrowhead Ranch show, with Preston getting in some weirdly amazing dance moves:

BONUS BONUS BEATS: The Click, the great Bay Area rap crew, sampled “Will It Go Round In Circles” on “Old School,” a track from the classic 1992 album Down And Dirty. Here’s that song:

(He doesn’t rap on “Old School,” but the most successful member of the Click is E-40. E-40 doesn’t have any top-10 singles as a lead artist, though “U And Dat,” his 2006 T-Pain/Kandi Girl collab, did make it as high as #13. But E-40 did have a guest verse on Lil Jon’s “Snap Yo Fingers,” which peaked at #7 in 2006. It’s a 6.)

BONUS BONUS BONUS BEATS: House star Hugh Laurie sometimes gets together with a band — Band From TV, get it? — who play covers at charity events. Here’s a video of Laurie and his band covering “Will It Go Round In Circles” in 2008:

Check out Greg Grunberg from Alias on the drums! Teri Hatcher apparently sings for Band From TV now, but I’m pretty sure she’s not in this video.

THE NUMBER TWOS: Paul Simon’s cuttingly written Muscle Shoals throwdown “Kodachrome” peaked at #2 behind “Will It Go Round In Circles.” It’s an " -

MMSCENE STYLE STORIES: Dreamers by Alicia Shi

Fashion photographer Alicia Shi captured Dreamers exclusive story featuring models Evan at Modelight, Arthur Benan, and Kaya at Wolves for MMSCENE STYLE STORIES. Styling is work of Dre Romero, assisted by Yue Wang, with beauty from makeup artist Natalie Chekati. In charge of video direction was Mario Grey.

For the session models are wearing selected pieces from Yingpei Studio, Calvin Klein, Yohji Yamamoto, Uniqlo, Object Occult, Hanes, Pronounce, Dior, Cos, Damir Doma, Prounounce,
Undetected, Nike, Artem Shumov, Acne, Paco Rabanne, and Junwei Lin.

undershirt HANES
trousers PRONOUNCE
shirt DIOR
leotard OUDE WAAG
trousers COS
trousers and shoes PROUNOUNCE

undershirt STYLIST’S OWN
shoes NIKE
socks UNIQLO

sweater COS
undershirt HANES
socks UNIQLO
trousers OUDE WAAG



undershirt HANES
trousers ACNE

suit ROSEN
socks UNIQLO
shirt and trousers COS
undershirt HANES


trousers and shoes PROUNOUNCE

socks UNIQLO
Photographer Alicia Shi –
Video Mario Grey
Stylist Dre Romero
Makeup artist Natalie Chekati
Models: Kaya at Wolves, Evan at Modelight, Arthur Benan
Stylist assistant Yue Wang
Studio Rimagine." -

Roberto Sipos Models Prada Made to Measure Double Match Collection

"Italian fashion house Prada enlisted top model Roberto Sipos to model Prada Made to Measure – Double Match Spring 2019 collection for their latest campaign lensed by fashion photographers Scandebergs. In charge of grooming was hair stylist Astor Hoxha.

“Prada expands its customization service, introducing Double Match personalization for men’s shirts that lets the customer combine the brand’s iconic prints to create unique garments with striking mixes and lively color combinations.“" -

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