Alicia Keys Is Magnificently Magnetic Debuting As A Guest Host On Thee 'Late Late Show' Featuring Billie Eilish, Ali Wong, Musical 2019 Recap & Much Much More!

Alicia Keys is magnificently magnetic debuting as a guest host on thee 'Late Late Show' featuring Billie Eilish, Ali Wong, Musical 2019 Recap & Much Much More!

"Alicia Keys leaned into her guest-hosting gig on The Late Late Show on Monday night (Dec. 9), with an empowering musical monologue paying tribute to the first all-female audience in the show's history, as well as a musical year-in-review and shock at the revelation that Ali Wong's famous pregnant stand-up special was inspired by one of her sexiest performances.

"Alicia Keys did this incredible tribute to Prince on BET and she was pregnant -- hella pregnant -- at the time," said guest comedian Wong, describing the "tight, black silky" tube top Keys wore while singing Prince's 1987 song "Adore." from Sign O' The Times. "It was like so sexy and then at the part where he is like, 'you can burn up my clothes, smash up ride,' she is barefoot and she climbs up onto the piano like a sexy, pregnant cat."

Wong described the moment as sexy, powerful and funny, and proof that "this is a woman who likes to have unprotected sex!" That last bit made Keys laugh out loud as Wong explained how the OMG element of Keys' act inspired her 2016 breakthrough stand-up special, Baby Cobra.

With Corden off filming a movie, Keys kicked a week of guest hosts by singing a tribute to the strong women in the audience, showering them with compliments to counter the torrent of negative headlines this year. The singer also reconstituted one of Corden's bits by doing a recap of the year's biggest moments, busting out her custom talk show host desk/upright piano to shout out the U.S. women's soccer, John Legend's sexiest man People cover, the all-female NASA spacewalk, Greta Thunberg's environmental activism, the Mueller report and Pres. Trump's attack on The Squad.

"Nothing scares Trump more than powerful women," crooned Keys, who will be honored with the American Express Impact Award at Billboard's 14th annual Women in Music award on Thursday (Dec. 12). "So please vote next year, this s--t isn't a given!" She also played Taller or Shorter with Wong and fellow guest Billie Eilish -- Billboard's 2019 Woman of the Year -- with whom she later performed a duet on the teen singer's breakthrough track "Ocean Eyes."

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