Dua Lipa Leaps Into A Pulsating Hypnotizing Performance Of Her New Single "Don't Start Now" At This Year's MTV Europe Awards!

Dua Lipa leaps into a pulsating hypnotizing performance of her new single entitled "Don't Start Now" at this year's MTV Europe Awards!

This follows her Calvin Harris/Silk City collabs “One Kiss” and “Electricity” which took influences from the 1990s dance/house era. “Don’t Start Now,” is a heavenly kiss from another vessel of the house musique genre,  disco!

A heavy entrancing bassline sees up hoping “Don’t Start Now”,  will surpass Dua's already worldwide classic hit “New Rules”.  Thee motif finds Dua Lipa in the aftermath effects of breaking up, struggling to remind herself not to get back together with her ex.

Singing: "I’m all good already/ So moved on, it’s scary/ I’m not where you left me at all. Don’t start MISSING about me now.”

Thee lucky audience in Seville, Spain got a yummy taste of “Don’t Start Now,”. The debut performance of thee long-awaited return of Dua left thee 2019 MTV EMAs like a junkie on an adrenaline high.

An army of backup dancers surrounded Lipa commanding at the top of a neon-drenched staircase. A super tight and fit choreography ensued. The rest is up for all you musique-lovers to press play too. Get right into it right below!

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