Dig Out Pop Kitten Tiffany Young And Her Sleek & Finessed Musique Video For Her New Song ‘Run For Your Life’!

Dig out pop kitten Tiffany Young and her sleek and finessed musique video for her new single entitled ‘Run For Your Life’! Thee outstanding Korean-American songstress unleashed a yummy dark and moody aesthetics for the new tune.  Tiffany co-wrote the jam alongside usual collaborators artists, Satica and Kev Nish. ‘Run For Your Life’ ia a choreography-filled wonderland of a musique video.

Tiffany spilled the tea about the following exploration of her project, saying on IG: "‘Run For Your Life’ is about the fight & the hunger to LIVE for what you love & who you are.

“I hope when you listen to this song you’ll feel good, let loose, and dance to your OWN rhythm or however the way it moves your mind, body, & soul,” she shared.

In regards to her new sound and style Tiffany continued:

“I wanted to speak on something that comes up whenever myself or others try creating something different. Its experimenting [with] styles, vocals, & use of wild effects like colour to create your vision & sound still an issue in 2019?”

“I think we should embrace experimental ideas, sounds, & concepts. Let these moments live & breathe. I promise to have songs without any experimental effects if the concept calls for it,” Tiffany said.

‘Run For Your Life’ is a saucy pop dance number with the right beat to feed your inner pop goddess. Get into thee Tiffany Young groove right below!

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