Cher Shook Rattled & Rolled Paying Tribute To Her Beloved Sonny Bono With Timeles 'The Beat Goes On' Performance On 'DWTS' Finale!

Cher shook rattled and rolled paying tribute to her beloved Sonny Bono with their timeless classic tune 'The Beat Goes On. It all went during last night's performance on thee ABC show 'Dancing With The Stars' finale!

Cher strutted her tailfeather during thee Season 28 finale. Thee audience at Dancing With the Stars were left in awe being in the presence of a true pioneer and trendsetting legend. Singing every lyric with a perfect pitch, the legion of professional dancers added that cherry on top too "The Beat Goes On."

Thee ensembles were directly out of the 1960s. Cher showcased a sparkly bedazzled magenta figure, with impeccable striped bell-bottoms, and a yummy aqua/teal faux fur vest. Complete dripped in a giant dazzling necklace. During the dance-heavy performance of the 1967 hit, the 73-year-old icon duetted with late husband Sonny Bono using old video footage of the pair.

Cher sang out: "Charleston was once the rage, uh-huh/ History has turned the page, uh-huh/ Miniskirt's the current thing, uh-huh/ Teenybopper is our newborn king, uh-huh!"

Dig out Queen Cher's extravagant, shining shimmering splendid performance right below!

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