Oops She Did It Again! Our Gal Sudan Archives Unleashes Yet Another Ahead-Of-Time Music Video “Glorious”

Our gal Brittany Parks aka Sudan Archives has been punching us with underground ethereal indie neo soul- classical influence songs for over 2 years now. As she prims and propers her debut album Athena, in a couple weeks which serves as her sophmore effort after last year’s stellar electric EP Sink.

Back in the summer of 2019, we featured thee silky yummy magnificent single “Confessions” and her previous track before that, “Black Vivaldi Sonata”. Now her next tune entitled, “Glorious,” features rapper D-Eight, who hails from Cincinnati, Ohio as Sudan herself does.

Her violin tingz come once again at full center with delightful strings and rifts with intense and earnest soul playing. Directed by artist Ross Harris, the musique video treatment has Sudan saying the following words in a press release saying about her pet snake used as a special representation of Athena the song's subject:

“He’s so sweet and cute, and he doesn’t want to hurt anybody, but everyone is afraid of him. I deal with that...men have told me, ‘You look intimidating’. Or someone will be like, ‘Smile!’ But I’m totally non-intimidating when you get to know me, I’m actually shy.”

Dig out all the tantalizing and futuristic offerings from the new neo-soul queen featured right below!

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