ItsNotYouItsMe Quote Tales From Muses: Featuring Elton John & A Takeaway From His New Memoir Saluting Freddie Mercury!

ItsNotYouItsMe Quote Tales From Muses: Featuring Elton John and a takeaway from his new memoir!

(The Last Goodbye With Freddie Mercury)

"John also writes about visiting fellow queer pioneer Freddie Mercury while the Queen frontman was dying in the early '90s. And even though Mercury couldn't get out of bed, John shares that "he was still definitely Freddie, gossiping away, completely outrageous: 'Have you heard Mrs. Bowie's new record, dear? What does she think she's doing?'" After his passing, John received a painting from his late friend on Christmas Day. "He was thinking about Christmas presents for a Christmas he must have known in his heart he wouldn't see; thinking about other people when he was really too ill to think of anyone but himself." - Elton John

: Memoir Synopsis :

"From his effortless melodicism to his deliciously campy fashion, the world has known Elton John for the better part of a half-century. But given that many of his best-known hits feature lyrics from longtime collaborator Bernie Taupin (Sir Elton is the musical half of their genius), fans cracking open Elton's new memoir Me might be curious to see what he himself can do with the written word.

Well, much like the man himself, Me is a warm, candid, dryly witty and oftentimes heartbreaking account of a life that's as inspiring as it is unlikely. From his childhood to becoming a father himself, Elton John unspools the story of his life at a brisk pace. And as one of the most internationally visible members of the LGBTQ community, there's a fair share of queer history in the pages of Me.

While by no means comprehensive, below are 10 moments in the book where Elton talks about everything from coming out publicly to his marriage to David Furnish to his last meeting with fellow U.K. rock icon Freddie Mercury. But for the full story? Well, ya gotta take a literary trip down Elton's Yellow Brick Road in the book itself."

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