Allow Us To Introduce Yall To Thee Bombastic Tune “Baila Conmigo” By Yellow Claw Featuring Saweetie, INNA & Jenn Morel

Dance musique producing juggernauts, Yellow Claw, have up the ante with their latest single. Entitled “Baila Conmigo”, thee slice of ethereal heaven, with a perfectly sunkissed melody intertwines female powerhouses Saweetie, INNA & Jenn Morel.

Thee left to right groove along jam is Yellow Claw's brand-new ditty following the release of their track “Get Up” Feat. Kiddo. Available via Roc Nation, the talented duo's upcoming album, which is due out later this year, has the boys saying the following about their brand new project:

"Saweetie asked to remix a song for her, but we followed up with a better offer — doing an original song together. She had that song ‘Icy’ out and, for some reason, we flipped that song in 60 minutes, and they thought it was super dope.” Jim explained. “We already had Jenn Morel and had connected with INNA on ‘Baila Conmigo, but we still had the hook open, so we sent the song along to Saweetie. Now, we have three beautiful women on a song, which we’ve never had, and it really made the song was it is,”

Nils continued. "The tropical jam, which samples popular Jamaican song “Sister Nancy Bam Bam,” actually came to be when Saweetie referenced the old Jamaican song in a rap verse she sent to us. When she did a verse on the song, it kind of changed the whole perception of the song for us,” Jim said. “So we redid the song once she came on.”

Nils added, “Our combined energy and experience brought this new project to unforeseen heights and we are proud to partner up with the people over at Roc Nation to continue building our music legacy. We’re also so excited that we can finally share this tune with y’all. It was amazing working with such strong, talented females. Big shout out to Saweetie, INNA & Jenn Morel for bringing the spice on this one!”

Without further ado get into the Yellow Claw groove with ItsNotYouItsMe latest hit parade, thee electrifying bombastic "Baila Conmigo"!

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