We're Shrieking With Astoundment As Kim Petras, Announces She's Unleashing Yet Another Halloween Album Following Her 2018 Classic Record Of Spooky Songs 'Turn Off the Light Vol. 1"

We're shrieking with astoundment as a rising pop kitten, Kim Petras announces she's unleashing another Halloween album following her 2018 classic record of spooky songs "Turn Off the Light Vol. 1"!

We are quaking. We are shaking. We are summoning demons. We are truly deeply entranced and deathly in love with her debut Halloween album. It's one of those pop-perfect gems that you can spin from beginning to end.

Of course, most musicians dig honoring the winter holiday season with tunes and complete albums. But last October that all changed when Kim Petras took an authentic left turn and when against the grain unleashing "Turn Off the Light, Vol. 1" It's an EP of moody and ghoulish electro-pop dance fun that'll get you skeleton bones witching and shaking a tailfeather.

Now, she's giving us even more bloody fine musique. Petras announced via Twitter that her next installment of eerie tunes would be arriving soon. She said, "the spooky cat is out of the bag."

Clarifying that "Turn Off the Light, Vol. 2" shall be out everywhere on October 1st. Right below we've attached thee "Turn Off the Light, Vol. 1" in its entirety. Dig out all the frights and eargasms now!

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