Allow Us To Introduce You Musique-Bots To British Pop Kitten & Singer-Songwriter Grace Lightman!

Allow us to introduce you musique-bots to singer-songwriter hailing from London, England, Grace Lightman! Her smashing stellar tune entitled "Repair Repair" has an ethereally hypotonic and entrancing melodic musical escapade.

Grace just unleashed her debut album in July, via her label, Handsome Dad Records. Lightman has a subtle yet infectious electro-pop and far-out synth appeal. From the moment the song unravels till it reaches a chorus climax, one thing for certain, it's an eargasmic affair till thee end. It's mid-tempo dancey sonic has a truth spilling lyrical thesis along with it.

Cosmic and euphoric, Lightman divulged the following in a press release describing her musique as a whole including other singles such as "Zero Impact": "Zero Impact is about trying to exist in the world without disturbing those around you, almost like an apparition. Treading on eggshells while essentially trying to fit seamlessly into humanity. Just thought I would present that musically in a more attention-seeking way.”

Without further ado get into thee Grace Lightman groove with ItsNotYouItsMe latest hit parade with thee electrifying groovy tune, "Repair Repair"!

"Aztec Level".

"Zero Impact".

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