Allow Us To Introduce You Musique-Carebears To Phenomenal Psychedelic-Pop Group Ava Luna!

Allow us to introduce you musique-carebears to phenomenal artist Ava Luna and band members Ethan Bassford, Felicia Douglass, Julian Fader, Carlos Hernandez, and Becca Kauffman. Hailing from New York, thee electrifying group unleashed a super-duper badass psychedelic-pop- dance tune entitled "Pigment".

Thee outlandish wavy new song is off their brand spanking new EP with the same namesake. The track will hypnotize you perfect for a summer dance jamboree filled yummy sunny psych-pop impeccability. Thee wild instrumentation intertwined with the ethereal vocals and ecstatic lyrics is a dance floor ready dreamsicle.

Intense synth chords are authentically and atmospherically drilled with a screwy topsy turvy bassline and overall vibrant melody. Ava Luna has named musicians such as Prince, Bauhaus, and Al Green as musical influences and inspirations.

"Pigments" is a truly bouncy, pouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun, number! This is thee official follow-up to their 2018 record Moon 2, via their record label Western Vinyl. According to reports, half of the proceeds from it will go directly to Alabama’s Yellowhammer Fund (Yellowhammer provides financial assistance to those seeking abortion care in the State of Alabama. It seeks to promote reproductive justice)

Without further ado get into the groove with Ava Luna and ItsNotYouItsMe latest hit parade with thee ear-gasmic tune “Pigments” featured right below!

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