"Our cover star OLIVER GREENALL who is a true renaissance man of contemporary times, an actor, model, writer and director, sits down with our Editor KATARINA DJORIC to talk about balancing his multifaceted careers, love of reading and society’s obsession with fame.


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Who is Oliver Greenall?
I’m a Scottish actor, model, sometime writer and director who has no idea what is happening most of the time.

How do you balance modelling, acting, writing and directing? – They all go hand in hand so it is never too hard. Whenever I’m unemployed as an actor I seem to be employed as a model, and when I’m unemployed as a model I’m employed as an actor. And there’s so much waiting and travelling which gives you the perfect opportunity to write.

Many models look into transitioning into acting, is there any advice you could share with them? – Don’t do it! But if you’re sadistic enough to really want to do it, then don’t take no for an answer. So many people will tell you you’re not right, or not good enough. Just ignore them and keep on going.

What is your downtime like? – I love reading. I never leave the house without a book and not a day goes by without at least reading one page. I get through a book or two a week depending on how much travelling or waiting I have to do.

Any guilty pleasures? Something that no one knows about you?
You should never feel guilty about something if it gives you pleasure. Life’s too short to worry about what people think of your tastes.

Name the famous person you’d most like to meet?
I’d love to meet David Mitchell, the author of Cloud Atlas, just so I can ask him how he comes up with the most fantastic ideas.

What kind of movies do you love and what kind of movies do you hate?
I’m a huge fan of Asian Cinema, especially Japanese and South Korean. Park Chan-wook is probably my favourite director. I don’t actively hate any particular kind of a movie, I can always find something good in a movie, even if it is terrible.

What’s the last TV show you binge watched?
I watched all of Chernobyl which was astonishing. I immediately bought Chernobyl Prayer by Svetlana Alexievich which I’m reading now. It’s an oral history of the disaster told by the people most affected by it. It’s utterly heartbreaking.

Your favorite TV show?
The Leftovers. I’ve watched all three seasons multiple times. I cry during every episode and Justin Theroux gives the greatest performance I’ve ever seen by an actor. It’s one of these shows that didn’t get a huge audience but is far better than everything else.

TV show or movie you would really like to be part of?
I’d love to do a period drama. Or do a film like Master and Commander. I love anything seafaring so it’d be great to work on the set of an old ship.

What do you think about ever growing obsession with fame?
It’s massively depressing. When I started out Instagram wasn’t really a thing. And now it’s become a determining factor as to whether you’ll get the job or not, both as a model and an actor.;

What do you enjoy the most in life?
Food. Family. Wine. Books. Cinema. Travelling. Usually all at the same time

Ten years from now you will be…?
Sitting on an old ship in the middle of the ocean drinking wine and reading a book.

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Photographer KRIS DE SMEDT – www.krisdesmedt.com
Stylist PIERRE GORZALA – pierregorzala.eu
Grooming KIM THEYLAERT using Dior and Bumble & Bumble
Model OLIVER GREENALL at Marilyn Agency
Stylist Assistant HELENE MARIAGE

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