ItsNotYouItsMe Blog: Lets Break On Through To The Other Side With A Brand Spanking New Release With Haley Reinhart & Her Yummy Video "Deep Water"

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Lets Break On Through To The Other Side With A Brand Spanking New Release With Haley Reinhart & Her Yummy Video "Deep Water"

Haley Reinhart has unleashed another far-out stellar groovy tune of her recent record Lo-Fi Soul. Reinhart's new aesthetics entitled "Deep Water," she has been quoting saying about the piece, "One of the most ambitious things I've ever taken on."

Thee feature is quite thee euphoric and entrancing vibe wrapped in authentic style. Hailey literally goes "deep water" quite buoyantly as her lyrics sing. She ethereally floats in a 1970s home motif, as the soulful song plays so glaringly.

Without further ado, scope out Haley Reinharts stellarly beautiful "Deep Water" musique video featured as part of ItsNotYouItsMe hit parade!

Btw carebears, dig out Hailey's intriguing Q&A interview with fellow sources right below!

"Steve Baltin: Tell me about the video. Who did you work with on it? Where did the concept come from?

Haley Reinhart: This video was one of the most ambitious things I’ve ever taken on. But hey, I’ve always been up for a good challenge. Just before plummeting into the water, I got a few safety tips from our amazing camera operator, Brett Stanley. I had to take three deep breaths in and out. After my last inhale, I needed to exhale as much as possible, and then submerge eight feet underwater. I basically had to find the breath or air from within! As difficult as this was in different ways, I stayed present throughout and enjoyed the crazy '70s styled living room that was dressed up at the bottom of the pool. So I was doing a photo shoot some time ago on an old timey car with a velvet suit on and that’s where I met the director, Naomi Christie. We soon realized we shared the same dream, to shoot an epic music video underwater.

Baltin: Did you ever dream of being a mermaid or dress up as a mermaid as a kid?

Reinhart: My imagination has always run wild. I guess you could say I was a pretty trippy kid (laughs).I always had a vision, even on the playground. I’d dress up and tell the older kids what to do. As a teen, I worked at a pool for many summers back in Chicago and always found peace near any body of water. One of my favorite forms of meditation is holding my breath in water and floating on to the top while looking up at the sky above. Ears underwater, so sound is muted and time as well as my body are suspended. Surely I’m a mermaid... or a siren rather, at heart.

Baltin: Love the song, such a soulful vibe. When you think of that kind of slow, seductive soulful vibe what are the three or four songs that define the sound to you?

Reinhart: When I think off the top of my head of four songs that might have inspired this tune, I hear Michael Jackson & The Jackson 5’s "Don’t Know Why I Love You," Amerie’s "1 Thing," Beyonce’s "Crazy In Love," and Etta James, "I Would Rather Go Blind."

Baltin: What is coming up for you tour wise?

Reinhart: I’ll be hitting the east coast in mid October! I’m excited to play my first headlining show in Toronto, Canada as well. Tickets are on sale now on my website. "Deep Water" is also going to radio, so feel free to call it into your local AAA radio stations.

Baltin: I like the fact too it is presented like a little movie. That is a theme for you. Talk about for you the importance of videos as a creative outlet.

Reinhart: Creating a music video and the treatments for them is just as fun for me as writing and recording the actual song. Imagery helps my story telling come to life. I like to leave a lot up to interpretation for the viewer as well. Movies and acting have always been another passion of mine. So my videos are a way to tap character play, while staying true to my brand aka the things I like. This video is a metaphor for that love sick/drowning feeling that you can’t escape. After the party’s over and you find yourself alone in your thoughts, you feel like you’re in deep water.

Baltin: Growing up were there videos you would watch again and again?

Reinhart: I had so many favorites growing up. Fatboy Slim - "Weapon of Choice" comes to mind. I mean. Who wouldn’t want to see Christopher Walken dancing (and flying) around a fancy hotel wearing a suit. Anything OutKast, White Stripes, Foo Fighters, Lily Allen, Gorillaz, Eminem and Britney [S[ears] always pulled me in. But the one that inspired me most for this video is "Rock The Boat" by Aaliyah. I was always a fan of her silky voice and her cool composure. She gave me the extra strength to go for it.

Baltin: What director would you most want to work with on a video?

Reinhart: I’ve always been a mega fan of [Quentin] Tarantino’s work. I even drew inspiration from his Jackie Brown '70s styled font for this video. He creates a world and I can’t look away. It’s visually stimulating and captivates me to the core. Any aesthetic he’s going for, he fully nails it to the tee. It’s soul wrenching, it’s funny, it’s powerful, it’s everything you want in a film.

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