Dig Out Future-Pop Dance Electro Queen Robyn Shake Rattle & Roll Thee Jimmy Fallon Stage With A JawDropping Medley Performance!

Dig out future-pop-dance-electro Queen Robyn as she shake rattle and rolls thee Jimmy Fallon stage with a spellbinding medley performance! Thee innovative songstress came to demonstrate how a real musique entertainer does it! Swapping off tunes from her most recent album "Honey".

Thee medley consisted of songs ‘Between the Lines’ and ‘Love Is Free’. Thee Fallon stage was set ablaze with intricate yet freestyling choreography. Robyn offered up a dynamic intrinsic transition from one style to another so effortlessly.

Decked out in all-white ensemble, thee backdrop aesthetics featured surrealist like vibes between the fingers of a giant white hand and multi-colored sequence as she jazzed-out “Between the Lines.”  and ‘Love Is Free’.

With an accompanying live band, Robbyn brought along just one single dancer, and an impeccable parring with fellow artist Maluca (she was raised on bachata, cumbia, merengue, and mambo, as well as hip-hop and other club music. Maluca is described as "experimental tropical punk, ghettotech, and hip-house").

Without further ado get into thee Robyn groove with her earth pounding electric performance on The Tonight Show featured right below!

Robyn live at Primavera Sound 2019.

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