Dig Out Hot Chip's Electrifying Fantastic New Musique Video Single Entitled ‘Spell’!

Dig out Hot Chip's electrifying fantastic new musique video single entitled "Spell"! Thee British synth-pop group formed in London, England back in 2000 and throughout a dynamite 20-year career span, the band has injected new life into their musical veins.

"Spell's" lyrical motif is about a couple consumed by passion and desire. In thee new musique video, the visuals bring to life a relationship who are inevitably and ultimately consumed by their own sleeping spells.

Directed by Simon Owen, he impeccably encompassed a man and womans throes of love so intensely. After the bedsheets, themselves begin to take part in thee action, they start with some creepy caressing and touching. But soon enough, it fully engulfs up the guy alone, holding him down while the pillow chokes him. The entire room of pillows and a nearby sofa chair also eerily sing along to the song.

Thee eccentric kooky aesthetic fit swell the tune's pulsating verses and sleek fast-pace chorus. The bed soon after comes for the woman as well, wrapping her up, and dragging her from the room.

Hot Chip’s new record "Spell", will be off their upcoming album entitled, "A Bath Full of Ecstasy."  The soon to be released record,  marks Hot Chip’s first album since 2015’s "Why Make Sense?"

Also, here's a fun trivia fact for you musique-bots. "Spell" actually started as a song band members Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard wrote for Katy Perry while working on her 2017 album, Witness.

Without further ado get into the Hot Chip groove with ItsNotYouItsMe latest hit parade "Spell" featured right down below!

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