British Pop Kitten Cheryl Ignites And Sets ABlaze A Fire In Her Brand New Spankin' Musique Video "Let You" Officially Making It Your Girls Comeback.

British pop kitten Cheryl ignites and sets ablaze a fire in her brand new spankin' musique video "Let You" officially making it your girl's comeback.

Cheryl sings in her new songs lyrical thesis: “Let you put your hands on my body.. Every time! I gave you what you wanted...But when am I gonna get mine???”

Her latest musical endeavor is a for sure a bonafide summer hit. An undoubted, on repeat, jam. This is going to be your next number one on the charts. If not stateside, Europe will definitely feel the heat of this record.

The musique video for the new single features the feisty and strongwilled Cheryl as she gets her sass on. Along with a dance troupe of equally saucy members, thee upbeat pulsating pop tracks theme is all about being naive enough to let a lover in.

The video has a couple of vintage Cheryl throwback references as well. One including a tribute to her iconic "Call My Name" single. The style of her dance troupe and their infectious choreographed routine is impeccably done with finesses and polished showmanship.

Cheryl officially unleashed a masterpiece for 2019. Thee young mummy struts far-out ensembles like groovy miniskirts, sizzling tops, and our preferred shoes, thigh-high boots.

Without further ado get into the sex-pot groove with Cheryl and her bubble pop electric tune "Let You".

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