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Allow Us To Introduce You Musique-Bots To Fresh Girl Group, Unperfect, And Their Yummy Tune, 'Looking For A Hug'

Allow us to introduce you musique-bots to fresh hot new girl group, Unperfect, and their yummy tune, 'Looking For A Hug'! The four kitten starlets consist of strong females Chloe, Siobhan, Tiah, and Soipan. They are signed to musique label Xenomania, who once upon a time represented such iconic hits like, Cher’s “Believe,” the Sugababes and Girls Aloud’s.

The gal's super-power jam 'Looking For A Hug' will surely hit you with the dancing bug in all it's pop glory. It's an undeniable catchy yummy sunny ting, complete with memorable lyrics and groove. The girl's of Unperfect have shared in the press describing themselves as the following:

 “We don’t wanna be seen as the ultimate, perfect-looking women. ” member Tiah has divulged. “The name ‘Unperfect’ gives us the leeway to contribute what’s within each of us to the music” Soipan shared. “Unperfect are on a mission to carry the legacy of their heroes and be the era-defining girlband that the late 2010s need.”

Their single has got our musical paws caught with ear-gasmic attention. We're smelling the next generation of British pop phenoms hopefully manifesting right before our eyes. These women give us vibrations of independence yet humbly grounded backgrounds. "We are women who know exactly what we want. This is the first step on our path and we can’t wait to get going!”

They've also, according to further press reports, visited our neck of the woods of LA, Cali to shoot multiple musique videos. They did so in only four days and have already their next many music videos planned and blueprinted for the following year!

Their debut EP, "Yeah, Why Not" has five songs. Four are newbies and one of which is a cover. Thee stellar electric track “Looking For A Hug,” joins other tracks entitled “Rope”, “So Jaded,” and thee cover version of The band 1975’s “TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME.”

Without further ado, press play with thee latest ItsNotYouItsMe hit parade with Unperfect and thee vibrant lush 'Looking For A Hug'!

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