ItsNotYouItsMe Album Spin - Dig Out Billie Eilish's "ilomilo" As Part Of Our "Rare Record Choice" Off Her Newest Album!

Billie Eilish unleashed her new record, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, a new fourteen-song collection project. The debut record she's been working on and unraveling since 2017. A standout stellar track of this phenomenal first-time effort comes the easily catchy and all around feel good vibration tune "ilomilo".

Billie debuted her album on Jimmy Kimmel's late night show with a dynamite performance we featured here. It has a stellar smooth moody slick avant-garde rock-pop groove. As a whole, Eilish is sharing quite personal and truthful lyrics on multiple tracks including "ilomilo". During an interview, she said the new record sprung from her appreciation of  all things eccentric and eclectic. We're citing this track as a total new wave of pioneering sonics and arrangements.

Thee entire motif of the record is a self-indulgent, starry night look, into the other side of love: “It’s funny, depressed, wicked, a wallflower, aggro, sweetly vulnerable...and, luckily for a line of work, kind of ridiculously crafty, too.”

The alt-pop beauty's nuevo album has molded and shaped her now newly created signature sound. Electrifying innovative and upbeat sonics. With this standout track, in particular,  her dark and twisted yet yummy sunny approach takes flight.

A number which finds Billie coming to terms with her sensitivity for love. She comes up with a powerful yet subtle anthem quirky anthem. This reminds all us likeminded artists, a word to the wise. Look through the glass, find the wrong within the past. Leave behind your heartache, like a castaway. The feel-good light will always come back to return everything the darkness steals.

Eilish cements her reputation with us as a 21st-century music industry zebra who represents all the creative and commercial promise of online youth culture.

Without further ado. Let's get into the groove by pressing play on our favorite rare album track. A unique cut off Billie Eilish's debut album " When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" is "ilomilo". Via Darkroom/Interscope records.

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