Dig Out Wild Belle's Supernova Tune ‘Rocksteady’!

Wild Belle is a yummy psychedelic rock-pop twosome hailing from Americana genes consisting of family origins Elliot and Natalie Bergman. Thee Chicago raised brains first unleashed their debut record via Columbia Records in March of 2013.

We've been on the group's musical radar ever since. Now fast forward to 2019, they jump-started the new year with the stellar single "Mockingbird". Their follow-up "Rocksteady" has our musical paws high up in the air with extreme excitement. Full of grit, soul power, and booty sway, it's a dance floor ready groove.

It'll teach you, you can be both a naughty gal and a nice human too. The perfect dichotomy. When you are in tune with both your introverted and extroverted self, it makes for quite some fun play. Just as the song's melody and bridge take an exhilarating formation, it reaches a fever high chorus line.

“Rocksteady” the musique video encompasses all of that jazz and a whole lot more! In it, Wild Belle has done it yet again. Intertwining and melding the duo's dynamic twosome glory, thee visual is a delicious feast. Off their nuevo album, “Everybody One of a Kind,” it's safe to say Wild Belle is aging fine like wine.

Front kitten woman Natalie Bergman shakes rattles and rolls alongside a troupe of beautifully coy and tarty dancers. The video co-directed with artist Alan Del Rio who's also helmed aesthetics for St. Vincent, Solange, and Florence and the Machine, just to name a few.

Without further ado press play on thee latest ItsNotYouItsMe hit parade with the Elliot & Natalie Bergan and their far-out reggae and dub-infused tune “Rocksteady”!

"Mockingbird" single.

Mockingbird live at Paste Studios in New York!

Go Backstage with Wild Belle.

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