Allow Us To Re-Introduce You Musique Lovers To French Powerhouse Duo Ofenbach

Allow us to re-introduce you musique lovers to French powerhouse group Ofenbach! Fronted by stellar mates, Dorian Lo and Cรฉsar de Rummel, the dynamic duo are following up their 2017 gold-certified, previous ItsNotYouItsMe featured tune "Be Mine". The saucy and electric brand new spankin' jam entitled, "Rock It" has all the razzle-dazzle and pizazz packed into one punch.

Thee song enthralls with every sway and tailfeather shaken. You get pulled in more and more as the beat takes over. Sonically the versus' build quite infectiously adding a beautiful chorus cherry on top.
Impeccably mixed and engineered, the boys are reminding everyone at the dance playground to rock it until you can longer!

Both gentlemen have been amigos since their childhood and commenced producing musique some 10 years ago. Falling in adoration with deep house sounds back in 2014, it's safe to say, Ofenbach has all the right ingredients to continue exploring their musical potential.

Without further ado get into the Ofenbach groove with their latest stellar tune "Rock It"!

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