Allow Us To Introduce Yall To Mattie Safers New Group Safer And Their Yummy Stellar Debut Tune “Good Things”!

Somehow the good things never last but one thing's for sure, with thee brilliant and far-out musician Mattie Safer, it's sure safe to say it's a possibility! Entrancing enigmatic and hypnotic are just a few adjectives that come to our extraterrestrial musical brains when listening to his far-out debut single "Good Things". Manifested by his own band known as Safer. Mattie has brought all the dance rock-poppers to the school playground and is teaching them quite a thing or two.

This is one for thee authentic movers and shakers. With an earnest and divulging lyrical thesis as well, it'll string you along by your boogie toes. The verses build up like an impeccable buttercup. Chanting, " I don't know about my future, I don't know about my past." Reaching a fever high dance chorus, halfway through the song you'll be set free, for a rhythm intervention! He'll capture your attention with powerful and gritty guitar and joyful melodies.

He may sing about in wonderment, melancholy blues, questioning and hollering, and we wouldn't prefer it any other way.  Get ready to strap on your giddy-up dancing boots and get into thee Mattie Safer groove. Volume raised to it's highest altitude. A juggernaut of eargasmic pulsating sonics will inhabit your planet. Somehow with this tune, "Good Things" it feels like it surely will last!

Dig it out right below, all you ItsNotYouItsMe musique-bots!

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