Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Mariah Carey Takes A Vivrant Subway Ride In Her New Musique Video "A No No"!

Mariah takes a vivrant vivacious subway ride and unleashes a dazzling party on a train with enough razzle-dazzle to invoke the brightest of good times. In the fun, the bold and colorful new video for her newest single “A No No.” is off her latest album Caution.

Carey dips and does it on a sassy snazzy ride alone at first. Shes dressed in large highlighter candy coated fur coats. The train is shining shimmering splendid. Complete with a favorite male supermodel of ours, Brandon Good over at @newyorkmodels @lamodels.

He glimmers alongside Mariah with neon pink and blue hues as the other partygoers crash and join the festivities. In an impromptu party moment, Carey belts out her brand-spankin' new tune, which samples Lil Kim’s 90's hit “Crush on You.” Cameos from dem babies and her boyfriend choreographer Bryan Tanaka also appears.

The singer-songwriter looks fresher than ever especially after taking back control of her career. Without further ado get into the Mariah groove with her latest smash, the yummy "A No No"!

A throwback to our IG post in 2018 with supermodel Brandon Good @newyorkmodels @lamodels.

"Fancy meeting you rear. I mean here. 💪🍑🍷🍽 #Stanley @jsullivanmusic @goodbhavior #jazminesullivan

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