Thursday, March 14, 2019

Elle King Shakes Rattles And Rolls With Her Single 'Shame' On Thee 'Late Late Show W James Corden'

Elle King shook rattled and rolled with her latest single "Shame" on thee Late Late Show with James Corden! Showcasing her moves and groove, she made us shake a tailfeather while performing her latest stellar single.

The songstress commanded Stage 56 strutting an all-black outfit as she effortlessly rock n rolled, dancing and swaying to the mid-tempo upbeat mischievous track. It'll definitely make you shake and rattle your bones.

The native LA gal, told Billboard sometime last year about the song saying, “I was kind of a bad kid. I got kicked out of, like, every school that I went to. I wasn't the parents’ favorite friend [for their kids], I was 100 percent a bad influence. I've always kind of known that. I've always gone harder than everybody else.”

Press play and dig out Elle's swinging live band as she rips through the CBS studios in a rough n' sweet, badass Candyland performance on The Late Late Show right below!

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