Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Dig Out Karen O & Danger Mouse’s Explosively Wild "Woman" Performance On Stephen Colbert!

In a Spike Jones directed live performance. Off their just unleashed album Lux Prima, thee inimitable and incomparable young legend rock n roll queen, Karen O takes the Stephen Colbert audience hostage for a wild and saucy ride!

Strutting while movin' and groovin' her bones, Karen along with her partner n crime producer Danger Mouse, sent thee late-night viewers on a euphoric musical train ride. Introducing for the very first time live on TV. The duo put together an ambitiously bold and saucy hell of a combo performance of their current single "Woman", showcasing a sour patch filled yummy visual experience.

Set in a black n' white themed backdrop. Karen is supported by an army of retro Ronettes-looking hairstyled dancers. Thee iconic filmmaker Spike Jonze added his unique touch directing a stunning and electrifyingly wild performance for The Late Show.

The production also features intricate choreography while unlocking a swirl of witty manifestations. Including an interactive dance section with the crowd that involved synchronized participation. Even Stephen Colbert was feeling the moment joining along, dipping and doing it like nobody's business. Karen later concludes thee already fiery performance by jumping on top of a beat-up, burned-out vehicle.

“Woman” does, of course, appear on Karen and Danger Mouse’s newly released collaborative album. For O, the new musique follows her 2014 solo record, "Crush Songs," while the Yeah Yeah Yeahs unleashed their last album, Mosquito, in 2013.

 We're currently working on our own legendary featured blog staple "ItsNotYouItsMe Album Spin" for this brilliant new record Lux Prima. So check back for that. In the meantime strap your boogie boots on and press play with thee immersive and beautifully shot Ed Sullivan Theater LIVE music video for the single 'Woman'.

 Art is alive in us because of the woman right below!

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