Thursday, March 14, 2019

Chaka Khan Struts Her 2018 Funky Far-Out Underground Tune ‘Like Sugar’ On ‘Ellen’

R&B/Funk Legend Chaka Khan finally strutted her 2018 funky far-out underground song ‘Like Sugar’ on ‘Ellen’. She belted her tune with a quartet of superbly choreographed breakdancers for the dancey fun number.

Thee performance was just like the song preaches, a funky groove,  like sugar, so sweet and good enough to eat. A hypnotizing and electrifying big fat bassline with impeccable treble rhythm. When you feel the funk, you'll give in and get up on yo feet.

“Like Sugar” is off Chaka's newly unleashed 12th record, Hello Happiness, a first since her 2007 "Funk This". A former member of Major Lazer, Switch, co-produced every seven tunes that appear on the setlist. He also issued it as the first title off his new label, Diary Records.

Get into the Chaka groove and get ready to dip and do it with the queen and her bad mama-jama track ‘Like Sugar’!

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