Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Allow Us To Introduce You To The Vivrant Singer INNA And Her Yummy Tune "Tu Manera"

Allow us to introduce yall to vivrant newcomer singer Inna! A Spanish pop kitten originally hailing from Romania who now resides the other half of her time in Barcelona, Spain. She is unleashing an upcoming Spanish-language record entitled "Yo". Released by Roc Nation’s Latin division,  her first single has got our musical paws high up in the air in anticipation of what more is to come.

The newest  smash tune is called “Tu Manera”. A bouncy super far out, catchy number with all the right hooks and chorus to make a bonafide hit.

Inna describes the yummy sunny ditty as, "one of the most commercial songs on the upcoming album. It’s super repetitive; it’s up-tempo. It started with a bass that we fell in love with. We wanted to do something super simple, not so many melodies. Just the bass by itself sounds like a hit.”

“Tu Manera” was written alongside with her producer, David Ciente, and assisted by a lyricist, Maria Cristina Chiluiza. Inna laughs off the fact that even though she speaks three languages, including Spanish, she jokes that none of the languages she actually speaks correctly!

While working on tunes for her record she says, “we write in gibberish, it could be any language. The base of the song is la-la-las or words with no meaning. Then we find the right words later. If I can share it with the world, that’s what every artists wants, that’s good, that’s the best. But if the world is not going to vibe with it, I’m [still] super happy to be listening to it.”

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