Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Presley Gerber Stars in The New York Times Style Magazine Singapore

"Top model Presley Gerber teams up with fashion photographer Lukasz Pukowiec for Independent Spirit story coming from the pages of The New York Times Style Magazine Singapore‘s February 2019 edition. In charge of creative direction and styling was Jack Wang, with production from Anna Rybus at Prospero Production,and retouching by Paul Drozdowski. In charge of grooming was beauty artist Thorsten Weiss at Les-Artists using YAROK, Vegan Hair Care.

“When someone like that is your mom, you don’t really notice because that’s the only thing that you have really seen, so I never really understood that she was famous, I definitely had no idea I was going to model. I knew I wanted to start a business. I thought I was going to go to college till about senior year [in high school] and then I started modelling. It introduced me to a whole new world and I’m kind of taking it from there” – Gerber on his mum supermodel Cindy Crawford, and becoming a model." - Malemodelscene.net

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