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"For MMSCENE Magazine‘s January / February 2019 Edition Editor ZARKO DAVINIC talks to PATRICK CLAYTON about his beginning in modeling, staying fit and plans for the future. Patrick was photographed in Miami by Fashion and Portrait photographer Alkan Emin.

Discover more of the shoot and the interview:

Who is Patrick Clayton?
What a daunting question. How does one sum up twenty five years in a single breath? There is certainly no expedient way to adequately detail the sheer quantity of good and bad within a single vessel. Some would use that as an excuse to glance over the bad and highlight only the good: I try not not to gloss over the bad in my life, because I think that is easily confused with arrogance.

Once you get under my armor, it’s easy to realize that I love making people laugh, even if it’s at my own expense. Family is incredibly important to me, but I haven’t gotten to see much of mine in the past few years. I am a fan of objective thinking, and the practice of debate. I love reading and listening to books, specifically the genre of science fiction and fantasy. I could go on, but in the interest of time and not wasting any of yours, I’ll summarize thusly: Patrick Clayton is an experience much like that of a motorcycle ride. Practical, not necessarily for everyone, dangerous yet thrilling, and um… badass? That last one may be more about the motorcycle than me.

How did you start with modeling?
While attending college and working both as a lifeguard and as a front desk attendant at a gym, I was noticed by a talent scout at the gym who put the idea in my head. That, plus getting asked by moms at the pool to take shirtless pictures with their underage daughters made it seem like I could make money off of my looks… but yeah, it was weird. If you’ve done this with your children, please stop making the lifeguards uncomfortable! [laughs]

I figured I’d give it a shot since I was getting fed up with the repetitive nature of the education system.

Who did you look up to when you were still new to modeling?
I’ve always had a deep respect for Chris Hemsworth’s career. He started out as a scrawny model, and became the God of thunder… and so much more. #goals

What have you learned from the modeling industry?
I have learned many incredibly essential life lessons that the comfort zone of college just couldn’t offer. I was far too trusting when I came out of college; like, to the point of being naive. Modeling has taught me to assume the worst in strangers. This sounds like a bad thing, and it is sad that I had to learn the hard way that there are people in this world that are purely looking to take advantage of you, and they will tell you whatever you want to hear just to keep you around, but it was an important lesson to learn.

So, what advice could you give a model starting their career?
I’d encourage them to do a thorough research on everyone they come into contact with. Be wary of any promises people throw their way. It’s easy to make promises. Following through is something else, entirely. Don’t get into modeling if you think you’ll get rich quick. Be ready to do a lot of secondary work. Be ready to hear about what is “wrong” with your body. I’m “too big” for example. You think anyone has ever said that to Dwayne Johnson? Me either. But bookers have always told me my shoulders were too big to fit the clothing.

You work in both fashion and fitness categories. What’s your advice to models who want to have a balanced and healthy workout routine?
I’m no personal trainer. But I do know what it’s like to change my workout routine for years on end to try to better fit the imagined standards of beauty society has created. I stopped working out my shoulders for two years, because I was told they were too big. Well, after two years I still wasn’t seeing any influx of work, so I said screw it. I see no reason to try and change my body for other people. I do what makes me happy and what aligns with my own goals. That is what I would suggest for others. Do what drives you: not others.

What is your favorite sport?
Usually whichever one I’m playing at the moment. I’ve never been much of a sports enthusiast off the field. I’ve never really enjoyed watching sports. Even when I was a soccer nut, watching the world cup was still a chore for me. But if you get a team together and tell me a time to play, you name a sport and I’ll be there. I especially enjoy trying new sports.

What exercise do you do to get a sculpted body.

You know, I’ve had many conversations regarding this topic, and my biggest message is that it doesn’t just happen overnight. I’ve been told countless times that I’m lucky, because I’ve been blessed with good genetics, and while that is absolutely true, and I have nothing to dispute about that, that is not the only ingredient required in the recipe for a sculpted body. There are plenty examples out there of people who were not genetically predispositioned to a sculpted body, yet they worked hard and earned it. Yes, I’ve had a six pack literally for as long as I can remember, but I’ve also been insatiably active for as long as I can remember.

So what exercise do I do? Patience. That is the most important exercise one can do when sculpting their body.

What’s your tip for pushing yourself in a workout?
In a gym workout, my best motivator is having a partner there pushing me. I’ve always chosen partners that were already stronger than I was, so I’m constantly fighting to reach their level. With running though, I actually prefer exercising alone for some reason.

What’s the ideal diet?
I’ve always believed that my diet should be whatever makes me happy. And I’ve always been active enough that what I eat hasn’t really made a huge impact on what I look like. So I eat like a child. I won’t lie to you. If you have candy around that you don’t want disappearing, I’d suggest hiding it if I’m around. I am very carnivorous. I’ve recently tried to add more fruit into my diet, and that seems to be going well. But find what works for you. I wouldn’t try to copy what I do unless you’re willing to take on my activity level too..

Do you believe in dietary supplements?
Depends. I’ll take a vegetable supplement every now and then, because I know I don’t get the nutrients naturally. But all of these weight loss pills and mass gaining proteins are a waste of money in my opinion. I used to take the mass gainers, and realized it was just a bunch of filler that made my face get puffy. There are no shortcuts. Just put in the work. Over and over. I no longer take any fitness supplements except pre-workout here and there.

Which three beauty products could you not live without?
Toothpaste, first and foremost. Books, secondly, to keep my vocabulary one worth boasting about. And lastly, my friends. Without them, I would be nothing. They bring out my personality, and if tomorrow, I develop boils, scars, or some other disfigurement, I know I’ll still be beautiful both to them, and because of them.

Where do you see yourself ten years from today?
I certainly have dreams: like becoming Chris Hemsworth’s stunt double and then just replacing him as he ages out, but I mean, who am I to say that’s where I’ll actually be in a decade? No, I’m kidding. I would really enjoy trying my hand at acting though. I feel like my natural talents would come into play big time when it comes to that career choice.

For more of Patrick keep up with him on Instagram @theclaytoncurse ; Patrick was photographed for MMSCENE Magazine January / February 2019 (#028) issue by Alkan Emin. Get your copy now in PRINT OR DIGITAL."

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