Dolly Parton Chit Chats Spilling The Tea On Feminism, Songwriting Therapy On ‘CBS Sunday Morning’

In another edition from one of our most preferred weekend morning shows is CBS Sunday Morning. In the last few months, we've featured every music profile from Linda Ronstandt, Blondie, Lady Gaga to The Killers. This time around it's nine-time Grammy winner and all around pop culture icon Dolly Parton!

Dolly chit chats spilling the tea on the secret benefit of songwriting, feminism, never having had children and her personal outlook into therapy within musique. Parton divulges to Sunday Morning: “It’s my therapy, songwriting is. My ol’ guitar is my friend. When I’m in that zone I call it my ‘God zone.’ I just love that time.”

She wrote over 3,000 tunes, selling more than 100 million records worldwide. Having confidence like nobody's business, she says she predicted early on that stardom and country musique were written in the stars for her.

“I thought, ‘Oh, I’m gettin’ a whole lot of attention now,'” saying that: “So, I think that kind of encouraged it. But also, I love the sound of that music, I love the sound of the instruments, I love being able to create something. And it gave me a little space and a little world of my own that I could just live in and be creative in.”

Parton was then asked if she thinks of herself as a feminist? “I guess I am. I don’t think of it like they do. I’m a feminine girl, I’m a working girl. I think we all should be treated with respect and if we do a good job, we should get paid for it.”

Parton received her most recent honor from the Recording Academy of the Grammy Awards over the weekend with an all-star tribute performance featuring Little Bigtown, Miley, and many more.

Hit play and dig out everything Dolly right below!

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