Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Bob Moses Hits A Beautiful Note With Their Stelllar "Heavn Only Knows" On KEXP Studios!

Get into the Bob Moses groove as we hit play on one of the best dance/electro tracks to come out in 2018. The tune entitled "Heaven Only Knows" from saucy Canadian electronic duo Bob Moses.

The band, of course, consists of Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance originally hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia. The brilliant boys strutted over to perform live in the KEXP studios!

A punk rock electro-dance band with an identity crisis that digs producing super stellar sonics. Dig out thee entire set or skip right on over (5:00 mark) to thee underground indie hit that is the beautifully ethereal "Heave Only Knows" off the record Battle Lines!

Back Down
Heaven Only Knows
Enough To Believe
Battle Lines

Host: Cheryl Waters
Audio Engineer: Kevin Suggs
Cameras: Alaia D'Alessandro, Scott Holpainen & Justin Wilmore
Editor: Justin Wilmore

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