Chemical Brothers Capture Smashing Live Show With ‘MAH’ Musique Video

The legendary The Chemical Brothers have unleashed a nuevo single entitled “MAH,” the second tune from their soon to be released "No Geography." MAH is as electrifying the iconic duo themselves. As we researched for the benefit of our music curiosity, it turns out that in 1989 is when the lads originally formed.

So officially here at headquarters, we are announcing the celebration of 30 years of magnificent hardcore dance music. The new single stands for “mad as hell,” a vital chorus line in the song’s primary vocal lyrics. The frantic energetic high pulsating intertwined with a glitch rave influence that only the Chemical Brothers’ can manifest.

Traditional to their wheelhouse, the equally enthralling musique video shoots the boys during a live show, featuring eye-gasmic lights and surreal visuals by Adam Smith & Marcus. The creative minds have designed live shows for thee electronic music duo for over 25 years! Directed by Marcus Lyall, the vid takes place during a set at London’s Alexandra Palace.

The Brothers have no exact release date although it has been confirmed that "No Geography" is due to be released sometime in the spring.

Without further ado, let's get to it and get ready to 'MAH'-out to the latest ItsNotYouItsMe hit parade from thee incomparable Chemical Brothers...

Lets turn back the hands of musical times and get your boogie boots on as we celebrate the last 30 years from the dynamic lads!

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