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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Stefano & Martin

"Stefano and Martin Arcomano at Civiles photographed by Alex García and styled by Elias with pieces from Made in Chola and Fernando More, in exclusive for Fucking Young! Online.

Make-up: Rocio Rojas." -

Eytys Launches Second Denim Collection

"Eytys Denim collection follows the same direction of Eytys as a brand, with innovative fabrics and distinct silhouettes allowing design to flourish while still offering denim classics. The three new styles – Benz, Boyle, and Cypress – were created to fill a gap in the market; contemporary, non-stretch luxury workwear for every day." -

Friday, September 7, 2018

Paula Abdul Is Coming To A Town!!!

In a day and age when pop icons like Paula Abdul are not as revered as they should be, then all of a sudden she makes a special splash decades later. Paula literally abducted and snuck away and leisured thee lucky audience of the Late Late Show with James Corden as she signs seals delivers as an extraordinary musical guest!

Paula returns to Stage 56 to strut her classic song "Straight Up" with beyond stellar choreography. Most of which pop starlets nowadays could never execute.

Without further ado, let's get straight to the point and press play on thee exquisite Miss Paula Abdul!

California Sonics With Maria del Pilar

California sonics are brought to us by alternative guitarist-singer-songwriter María del Pilar. With her new bubble pop electric psychedelic ditty entitled  “Original Dreamers” María intrinsically and boldly dedicated to her late mother, who braved an uncertain future when she and husband decided to immigrate to America.

In an apparent reference to the stories of heavy challenges facing immigrants in the country under the "Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals," the rockin' pop songstress explains in accounts: “Reminded me of what I saw my parents go through when I was a kid immigrating from Chile to the US. I had a chance to thank my father for these sacrifices but never got a chance to thank my mom.”

“Original Dreamers,” is a groove-tastic ethereal dancey number from thee L.A beaut.

Dig out thee ever so catchy and feel good rhythm that's a little disco, a little Spanish, a little pop dance, and a whole lotta authentic soul! Produced by Filip Nikolic, thee forthcoming album entitled “Canciones + Songs II” unleashes everywhere Nov. 2nd!

'Kusama: Infinity': Film Review

According to one of our most preferred sources:

"An entertaining account of one of modern art's most unlikely success stories, Heather Lenz's Kusama: Infinity charts the many ways Yayoi Kusama was marginalized — sometimes by the prejudices of an era, sometimes thanks to her own eccentricities — before becoming, late in life, one of the world's most popular living artists. Part talent, part hustle, part pathological insistence on her own way of dealing with the world, it's an optimistic narrative with plenty of colorful guest stars and should have a slightly broader appeal than the usual art-world portrait.

Raised in Matsumoto, a Japanese city known for its namesake castle, Yayoi was making art at 10 years old — already fascinated with the polka dots that would later become a trademark. Her art-making was actively discouraged by her mother, who preferred to send the young girl off to spy while her father romanced other women. Unsurprisingly, Kusama grew up refusing the marriage proposals her family expected her to accept. She found inspiration for an unconventional life across the ocean: Out of nowhere, she wrote a letter to Georgia O'Keefe, an aspiring female artist to an established one, asking, "Will you kindly show me the way to approach this life?"

Soon she was burning her early works and risking everything to move to New York City. The film is at its best recounting this make-or-break period, even if one suspects it could tell us much more than it does about what Kusama did to get her brightly shod foot in the door. Fellow artist Carolee Schneemann recalls that the pretty newcomer was openly seeking a male patron to facilitate her entry into the gallery world; she was also happy to send a rich new acquaintance to inquire about her work at a gallery that didn't represent her, creating the sense of a market that may not have existed.

Marketing plots make for colorful stories, but Lenz also digs into the work itself, painting it as more influential than viewers might think. More than once, she tells of Kusama exhibiting pieces that closely resembled later works for which male artists got lots of attention. Even if they're not all straightforward tales of plagiarism — Claes Oldenburg may have taken the idea of sewing the "soft sculptures" that made him famous from her, but they would have gone nowhere without the humor and poppy irony he brought to them — the stories certainly encourage some reevaluation.

Not that anybody is fretting too much today about Kusama's place in art history. Though Lenz addresses the failures and breakdowns to come, the film is eager to move toward Kusama's rediscovery, decades after her political Happenings, when retrospectives created new fans for her work. Social media, of course, eventually had much to do with this. Skeptics would say that a sizeable number of Kusama's new fans don't care about art nearly as much as they do about finding a novel backdrop for their next selfie — and if that backdrop is a Kusama "Infinity Room" that multiplies the Insta-narcissist's image over and over into the horizon, so much the better. But the fickleness of fame and commerce aside, Kusama: Infinity presents a creative life that is worth exploring, even by those who've been scared away by the crowds.

Production companies: Magnolia Pictures, Tokyo Lee Productions Inc., Submarine Entertainment, Dogwoof, Parco, Dakota Group LTD
Distributor: Magnolia Pictures
Director-screenwriter: Heather Lenz
Producers: Heather Lenz, Karen Johnson, David Koh, Dan Braun
Executive producers: Stanley Buchthal, Josh Braun, Ryan Brooks, Brandon Chen
Director of photography: Hart Perry
Editor: Keita Ideno
Composer: Allyson Newman

In English and Japanese
76 minutes" -

'Quincy' Trailer Highlights Life and Career of Quincy Jones

In today's musique legend news:

"Netflix released the first trailer for its upcoming doc about the life and career of record producer Quincy Jones on Thursday.

Quincy was directed by Jones' daughter Rashida Jones and Alan Hicks.

The trailer opens with Jones being introduced as "one of the finest musicians." A clip of Lady Gaga stating, "Pressure's on. Quincy's here" shows his lasting influence in the music industry.

A number of musicians appear in the trailer, including Tony Benett and Paul McCartney.

Will Smith says in the trailer that Jones, who served as an executive producer and composer for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, is responsible for his career.

"You all know the story, right? Quincy Jones discovered me," Oprah Winfrey later said in a clip from The Oprah Winfrey Show.

After showing off many of his professional accomplishments, the trailer cuts to highlight some of the producer's health scares. "I'm a survivor. My whole life has been like that," he says in a voiceover.

Jones then informs viewers about his childhood. "It was Southside of Chicago in the '30s, man, during the Depression. I wanted to be a gangster 'til I was 11. You want to be what you see," he explains. "That's all we ever saw."

"I started playing in a band, 14-years-old. Worked in the nightclubs," he says about his introduction to the music industry. "To see black men that would dignify it, proud. I said, 'That's what I want to be. I want to be in that family.'"

He continues, "Music was the one thing that offered me my freedom." A montage of Jones working over many years follows.

The trailer teases that the documentary will touch on both his career and personal life, including his role as a father to his six daughters and one son.

"I see the power of music as a tool to reach the hearts and minds of millions of people," Jones says in a voiceover as clips of his performing are played. The trailer also includes clips and photos of him interacting with Barack Obama, John Legend and Snoop Dogg.

The trailer concludes with videos of Jones that continue to highlight his personal and professional lives. "You only live 26,000 days. I'm gonna wear them all out," he says.

Quincy will be available to stream on Netflix on Sept. 21." -

Lakeith Stanfield Models Ermenegildo Zegna Couture for Essential Homme

"Essential Homme Magazine features actor and musician Lakeith Stanfield in the cover story of their Fall 2018 edition captured by fashion photographer David Roemer at Atelier Management. Styling is work of Terry Lu, with grooming from Scott McMahan at Kate Ryan. For the session Lakeith is wearing selected looks from Ermenegildo Zegna Couture." -

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Burt Reynolds Had a Hot 100 Hit With an '80s Country Song and It's Actually Pretty Good

R.I.P Burt Reynolds:

"Not many Oscar-nominated film stars would openly admit to taking the easy way out with their career, but perhaps that's why few actors were as beloved as the late Burt Reynolds. "I wasn't interested in challenging myself as an actor," the star of '70s and '80s blockbusters like Smokey and the Bandit and Cannonball Run acknowledged in the 2015 memoir But Enough About Me. "I was interested in having a good time."

Unsurprising, then, that for Reynolds' lone turn in the pop spotlight, he didn't bother making a point of playing against type. After an early-career dalliance as an easy-listening country recording artist -- with 1973's Ask Me What I Am, which failed to make an impact on or off the Billboard charts -- he returned to the music world in 1980 with "Let's Do Something Cheap and Superficial," for the soundtrack to 1980's Smokey and the Bandit II. While Reynolds hated his experience filming the sequel, it was a financial success, and "Superficial" made a brief cameo on the Billboard Hot 100, spending five weeks on the chart and peaking at No. 88. (It also reached No. 51 on the Country Songs chart.)

The movie may not have been a classic, and neither is the song -- but damn if it doesn't sound like Reynolds is having a good time while recording. "Superficial" is exactly the kind of low-grade country song an unpretentious and hilariously famous Florida boy should have graced the charts with: giddy, sloppy, and only as memorable as a shot of tequila twenty minutes before last call.

The song's thematic bent is pretty much all out there from the title: an ode to why-not romance that presages those SNL last-skit-of-the-night hookup sketches in their self-aware cringe-worthiness. The melody is as sweet and undemanding as the lyric is grungy and pragmatic: "To keep from falling off your barstool's 'bout all that you can do/ I'll make my proposition, 'cause I'm just as drunk as you." Reynolds belts his way through it like a slightly above-average karaoke performance, pitchy and rushed but entirely game, practically cackling his way through the winkingly mean-spirited come-on: "The sun is your worst enemy/ Thank God it's dark tonight!"

Reynolds' career as a country singer didn't exactly take off from "Superficial" -- it's the final item listed on his Discogs page -- and in 2018 you can't even find the song on most non-YouTube streaming services. But like most of Reynolds' movies, it was frivolous, it was fun, it was a hit to some degree, and it didn't ask that you take it any more seriously than it took itself. You could do a whole lot worse on a Saturday night." -

Pss! Close Your Eyes Or Not But It's The Trailer for The New 'Halloween'!

Pss! Close your eyes or not but it's trailer yall for the new 'Halloween' film! Since we still have almost 2 months till Halloween, we get to now grease up our fright wheels with some terrifying new trailer aesthetics for the highly anticipated new addition to thee already classic horror anthology.

The film is set to unleash in theaters on October 19. The iconic legendary actress Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her infamous role as Laurie Strode, who finally witnesses her own final confrontation with Michael Myers. The masked stalker has haunted Laurie since she escaped and ruined his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

Neat trivia fact as well carebears, thee original film director John Carpenter serves as executive producer and as creative consultant on Halloween.

The story looks better than ever. Nothing like an OG showing how it's done. Continuing a new path from the events in 1978, here is thee new Halloween film trailer!

Joey Purp's Groove-Tastic “Elastic”

Just like Nicki Minaj's recent homage to Biggie and NY on her now iconic "Barbi Dreams" off the album "Queen" we now observe the stellar return of  Chia town rapper Joey Purp. A manifestation of the SaveMoney crew senor Purp last album came and went in 2016 churning out a couple underground hip-hop gems we dug. He's now back with thee much-anticipated QUARTERTHING.

His new single is an electrifying good ol' hip-hop rap joint entitiled“Elastic.” A tune inspired by everything we adore in musique history. The groove-alicious and heavily influenced classic Chicago house circuit music is written all over it. Purp flows sleekly and boldly over a tempestuous but funky hard beat.

Purp has also spilled the album’s tracklist and we have it right below. Now, dig out the rap-tastic  “Elastic” below:

01 “24/k Gold/Sanctified” (Feat. Rayvn Lenae)
02 “God Body Pt. 2 (Feat. RZA)
03 “Hallelujah”
04 “Elastic”
05 “Aw Shit!”
07 “Paint Thinner”
08 “Look @ My Wrist” (Feat. CDot Honcho)
09 “2012”
10 “Fessional/Diamonds Dancing” (Feat. Queen Key)
11 “Karl Malone”
12 “Bag Talk”
13 “LeBron James (Thelonious Martin)”
14 “In The Morning” (Feat. GZA)

QUARTERTHING is out 9/7.

Jennifer Love Hewitt And Michael Jackson A Hollywoodland Fairytale Friendship Growing Up!

Who knew Jennifer Love Hewitt and Michael Jackson had a Hollywoodland fairytale friendship a long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.  Well, it was the late 1980's and 90's teen-pop icon and all around groovy actress Jennifer Love Hewitt had the wildest and most astounding stories about Michael Jackson and their times together.

Hewitt gushed about the late King, who she first came in contact with while filming an LA Gear commercial when she was only 10 years old.

Jennifer spilled that he taught her some dance moves and met thee infamous pet chimpanzee Bubbles. He also gave her some pretty special and one of a kind advice and later after working together Michael heard she was going to a charity event after the shoot, and so he sent a generous donation in her name.

“He stopped at the end of the day [and] he was like ‘You don’t know how important it is that you’re doing something that’s special and important for other people.’ And he was like ‘Never lose that. Always be that person,’” Jennifer continued spilling.

She also declared that she and her momma attended multiple parties including one of Michael‘s Thanksgiving parties at Neverland Ranch! Let's get into the chatty groove and go back to a time when it was all Ferris wheel, candy shops, and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies!

Dig out Jennifer Love‘s full interview right below:

Below we're giving in much-elated notoriety to Jennifer Love's forever-more burgeoning singing career from the FOUR DECADES. Dating back from her "Kids Incorporated" days during the 1980's followed by her 1990's Blondie, Paula Abdul, Bobby Brown, etc covers.

Also one can't forget her Lilith fair transformation in the lates 90's to her early millennium mini success during TRL and MTV's 2000 heydays. Finally making a return to her singing trade in 2013 in conjunction with her hit show, The Client List.  Scope it all out!

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