Thursday, December 6, 2018

Repost (So Good: In Case You Missed Last Week) ZANILLYA's Jazzy Dance Tune - "FOR YOU"

Repost (So Good: In Case You Missed Last Week)

Rapper-R&B, singer-songwriter, producer Zanillya is creating vibes and sonics in Amsterdam. The daughter of the late disco artist Bobby Farrell (Boney M), Zanillya's says “To define is to stagnate. So I probably would say I don’t define myself”.

She's the island of Aruba in the Caribbean to a very diverse plate of inspirations, roots, and eccentricities like a yummy buffet of dancehall, hip-hop, soul-funk, and R&B.

 Her emotion is what truly electrifies and transcends melodically melting and shiny with her glistening single "For You." This is one Dutch artist we surely are getting into the groove with! The apple doesn't fall from the Bobby Farrell tree. The power of talent skips through the lake impeccably in this groovy new tune.

Without further ado, hit play on thee ItsNotYouItsMe hit parade with Zanillya and the stellar "For You."

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