MTV Bringing Back 'Spring Break' In 2019!

In the 1980's, 1990's and early 2000's, MTV was a safe-home with a whole lotta rock n roll electricity inputted into it. One of their many many many infamous iconic series besides the Video Music Awards and Total Request Live was Spring Break baby! Now, MTV has unleashed a yummy surprise announcing theyll be bringing back Spring Break reviving its long-running franchise in 2019.

The nuevo and improved MTV Spring Break will be launched from March 19 through the 21st. Hosted at thee Grand Oasis Hotel in Cancun, Mexico, they will thankfully feature their consistent signature melting pot mix of high-energy live performances from both new and legendary artists. However for the first time, MTV will also showcase and host a second diffusion Spring Break program specifically for young activists.

Spring Break originally aired from until 2005 and then side-stepped to a rather less none channel MTVU until 2014. But now with a new motion in works, MTV's is pushing its effort to expand its live events business, in order to manifest beyond cable.

Network president Chris McCarthy stressed how he's steering MTV away from scripted series, once and for all. Focusing more on its roots as a destination for the now hard-to-reach millennial demographic that originally made the network channel a success (us inlcded).

However, what truly made this a magical show an experince under the radiating sun was the conglomerate artists. For example, Lil Wayne and Pink and famous pouts like Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon were in locations throughout the Caribbean and the American South. So what we've decided to do is create a utopian world reminisicng and serving you carebears with a buffet of flashbacks galore.

Dig it out below!

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