Lady Gaga Accompanies Brian Newman On Nina Simone's Classic Cover 'Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood'

Lady Gaga is looking forward to not one but two different upcoming Las Vegas residencies. One celebrating her pop classic hits entitled "Lady Gaga Enigma". Thee other is focusing her spirited vocals through a stripped-down acoustic affair of her tunes and showcasing thee Great American Songbook classics titled, "Lady Gaga Jazz & Piano".

However right now we get a yummy suprise gift as Gaga dueted with fellow artis Brian Newman, a longtime friend and trumpeter/bandleader who coincendentally will head her Jazz & Piano shows in Vegas kicking off January 20th.

Before Gaga was famous, she first met Newman in Manhattan when he was a bartender and she was a go-go dancer. They had instant chemistry over a mutual adoration of jazz and tattoos. Years later, they teamed together for her Tony Bennett album Cheek to Cheek.

Off Newman's new record "Showboat" named after his classic car, he describes the album as a tribute to the larger-than-life jazz of the past saying: "It's a nod to an era that went big in every sense of the word. Big bands, big cars and big lapels. It's an era where the show and showmanship were at the forefront."

Dig out thee emotionally charged and impeccably sultry bluesy version of Nina Simone's timeless "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" (yes that same "Animals" cover which metamorphosized into a hit in 1965) with thee electrifying Lady Gaga and her full vocal paralysis below!

Bonus Fun.

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