Jess Glynne's New Track "Rollin" Off "Always In Between"

British pop songstress Jess Glynne returned this year with a nuevo album entitled "Always In Between". Mixing her signature sounds of pop and urban sonics, a standout track off the record is thee fun, yummy, sunny and bubble pop electric tune "Rollin."

Written By Jess Glynne, Jin Jin and Fred Gibson, the number finds Miss Glynne coming to terms with her sensitivity.  Her open-heartedness and open mind make her the kinda artist she is but in return, it gets mistaken for weakness from the wicked people who only exist in this world to bring down the innocent.

Vile birds of a feather flock together and they aim for a loving heart. Call it bored bitterness to those who are born only to exist never knowing how to live. Enraptured by their insecurities filled with peanut butter and jelly jealous, Jess Glynne has some choice words for those unfortunate bobbleheads of the world: "Don't hold me down. I've got a lot to give. I know, I'm sensitive. So if you're trying me, I'm sayin' fuck your games, this ain't the way I'm rollin'.

She continues, "The wave ain't flowin', I tried, time and time again. I get bored easily with lies and excuses. You're on borrowed time.  If you ain't pleasing me, there are no more lifelines. I've changed my mind. You got a lot, a lot, a lot, to learn. Karma's a real bitch."

This is a powerful anthem that reminds all us, likeminded artists, to let the old negative ways die. No matter how long or short you've known someone. Whether you share DNA or not. Some evil spirits study us when we're not looking so they know how to steal, manipulate and hurt us more. There’s no honor amongst thieves.

Having the courage to evolve while keeping the same spirit and not allowing it to be shattered is a sign of true strength, never weakness. Sometimes we think it takes a lot to change, but it really takes a lot just to try.

Here's a word to the wise. Look through the glass, find the wrong within the past. Leave behind your heartache, like castaways. This is just another product of living in a world where some only want and take. But the light will always come back to give back everything the darkness steals!

Without further ado, let's get it "Rollin" by pressing play on our favorite random album track cut off  Jess Glynne's new album "Always In Between."

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