Thursday, November 1, 2018

Brendan Maclean Unleashes First Single “Hibernia”

Allow us to introduce you honey rockers to Australia Sydney-based singer-musician Brendan Maclean! The young crooner has unleashed an electrifying super duper stellar first single announcement "Hibernia." It comes before the release of his debut album due out in 2019. Brendan's “Hibernia” is a yummy disco-indie pop dance ditty that'll surely get your go go boots in a happy feet frenzy. Co-produced with artist Sarah Belkner, it's lyric video featured below is the culmination after years and years plus five EPs later, that the funky fun artist known as Brendan Maclean will be in full bloom next year.

If ‘Hibernia’ is any indication where his sleeky yet enigmatic mix of sonic blends is taking us, then strap us in on this music rollercoaster. Dig out the thematic story of a fire starting at an afterparty with the saucy Australian-esque soundscapes of Brendan Maclean!

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