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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Camila Cabello's Whimsical Orchestra Enhanced 'Consequences' Musique Video Featuring Dylan Sprouse!

Camila Cabello hit all the right notes at last nights' 2018 American Music Awards stage with a goosebump entranced emotional performance of her nuevo single, "Consequences." It's not always a romantic relationship that turns out to have the most damaging effects of a toxic relationship. It can derive from friends, family, business, co-workers, etc.

In this particular case, Camila beautifully tells the tale of a genuinely loving soul who falls head over heels in love with a young wild and free kinda boy. The video accompanies the lyrical sentimental ballad impeccably.

The video shows Cabello making her strut down an Autumn wonderland-esque backdrop complete with the hottie mctoddie actor Dylan Sprouse. He tinkles at a grand piano while tickling and tugging at our heartstrings.

Camila then envisions herself in a back to the future style motif.  Slowly approaching from behind him, the fictional love partners play out in front of  Camila in a montage of memories. They stroll,  they kiss, while playing musique together. The season changes from fall to winter and then that's when the video gets really aesthetically yummy.

Drenched in complete snow, the reflections move from dreamlike to heartwrenching as the relationship falls apart. Twirling into the air with an enigmatic moon as the perfect backdrop setting, winter melts into spring and his memory fades and her own ghost reaches to hold her hand.

This is definitely one of Camila's finest music video moment. Besides that little musique video ditty "Havana." Get your petticoats, wellers, and holiday lights out because you are in for a musical winter wonderland! Dig out thee whimsical orchestra enhanced "Consequences" musique video featuring Dylan Sprouse below.

Musique Video by Camila performing our preferred tune 'She Loves Control' from her 2018 debut album Camila.

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