ItsNotYouItsMe Album Spin - Kah-Lo And Riton's Debut Album. Purely Heaven Sent From The Dance Gods!

After over 2 years of launching a spectacular transcendent innovative earth shattering reinvention of the way, we will forever listen to Dance music. This is our declaration and definition of Riton & Kah-Lo's debut album and simultaneously our anointing of Best Dance Album of all of 2018!

We hold a very special treasure trove of what we like to call, "favorite-favorite all-time favorites." Now we are adding to prestigious list Riton & Kah-Lo!  Remember, it's a holy trinity list of pioneering-incomparable artists that are innately born with that extra pizzaz, that unique it-factor. A diety name and all around genius brain juice on talented legs.

So this edition of our most elite list of "Album Spin" is an extra prestigious one. Riton + Kah-Lo recently dropped their brilliant pop-funk-alternative uptempo mid-uptempo Caribbean electronic Nigerian influence makes up their self-titled record. Entitled, "Foreign Ororo" the duo set a high bar for themselves for their follow-up Lp.

A kind of competition that only the greats deal with. Only in competition with themselves because there is no comparison. And uncomparable is their debut record. Daring, pure gas, fire, and confidence while groundbreaking.  An album you press play and let the rest play away in all its dance glory.

Kah-Lo sad the following about the project: “It is great for the people who are making afrobeats. But there are other genres that other people are making, and they’re not being given as much of a platform. I’m hoping to change that narrative that talk statements that rhyme. Working with the veteran producer Riton, we created an album of modern dance music with flashes of house and disco. We talk statements that rhyme with a four-to-the-floor kick drum and funky, pin-prick guitar lines."

The two artists first connected via Twitter; at the time, Kah-Lo was making “electronica-infused R&B with lots of reverb” because she says, “that’s the only stuff that I could record that would sound good in the closet and on GarageBand.” Riton is a well-known producer, but, he says, “I’m not like Selena Gomez or Diplo, so I don't get as many DMs on Twitter as you’d think.”

We see you Kah-Lo and Riton and we send you astral filled love DMs every day all day. Without further ado, dig out the bold, funky, never before heard sonics that quivers down your backbone. Captivating and catchy, it is Kah-Lo with Riton and their debut "Foreign & Ororo".

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