Nile Rodgers Spills All The Tea On Difference Versus Madonna & Lady Gaga

Now, these are the real stories we yum for. These are the days of past TV shows like Behind The Music, BBC's Top of the Pops, BET's 106th Park, or any and every MTV outlet before it turned reality channel. These are the stories of legends on legends. The golden goose talking about the immaculate conception. There's no greater music opinion than that of sir Nile Rogers. And let me tell you honey rockers he holds nothing back! Pure tea with no sugar. Coats off. Icon spills knowledge.

The legendary Niles gave his two-sense on thee endless feuding of Pop titans Madonna and Lady Gaga. He goes on to explain a question being asked to him specifically about who's been the most respectful throughout all this to the music in his eyes: "Gaga’s a different kind of animal. Before recording, she said, "‘Nile, I want to know what’s in your mind.’ "She was incredibly respectful … That right there is a huge difference in personality.

As for the Queen of Pop herself? Nile says: "She knew what she wanted. I love that about her because if you’re that much of a believer I’d rather go with you … until it sucks. If it sucks, I go, "‘Er, you really don’t want to do it like that’. "I’d worked with so many international superstars, but I’d never come across such an iron will before."

Catch the "ItsNotYouItsMe True Hollywood Story" right below!

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