Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Maya Rudolph, Fred Armisen & Jimmy Fallon Do Impressions of Each Other on 'Tonight Show'

Funny icons Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen strutted onto thee Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon showcasing their best celebrity impressions on last night's episode of the late night program.

We hold a very special treasure trove of what we like to call, "favorite-favorite all-time favorites." It's basically a holy trinity list of pioneering-incomparable artists that are innately born with that extra pizzaz, that unique IT-factor. One of those diety names is Maya Rudolph and all around sex on talented legs, Fred Armisen! Swoon...Lol.

The duo brilliantly chatted with their former co-worker now host spilling the tea on such banter like the following:

"For as long as I've known these guys, we do this thing where we just say a random person and the other person has to do an impression as best as you can do it," Armisen dished to the public.

Rudolph followed suit and gave her first and best impression of Fallon himself! It was explosively hilarious and not to mention spot on. Following the impression, Fallon already falling from laughing said he would do an impression of Armisen.

"Oh, hi Jimmy," Fallon started in a high pitched intertwined with a soft voice. "Have you heard the song … Do you know the Black Seeds? Did you ever hear of the Black Seeds? Do you know like Carl strums on the bass? No? It's really, really good."

And then Armisen showed off his impression of Rudolph and let's just say carebears, you have to hit play below to catch the rest of all the happy funny below!

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