Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Debbie Harry doppelgänger turns heads at party

Quien Es Esa Nina (Who's That Girl) !?! In today's Queen of Musique news:

"Debbie Harry has a doppelgänger.

While the Blondie icon didn’t attend Thursday’s Svedka-sponsored party for “Starmaker,” a book that’s described as a “behind-the-scenes exploration of the late artist and Studio 54 regular Richard Bernstein” at Public Arts, guests thought they saw her.

“Snoogy Brown who’s blonde and has a connection to Studio 54, looks a lot like Debbie,” said a spy. Pictures of the real Harry were up all over.

One guest at the bash was overheard saying, “The fact that ‘Blondie’ is here makes this the closest I think I’ll ever actually get to being at Studio 54.” - Pagesix.com

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