Friday, September 7, 2018

California Sonics With Maria del Pilar

California sonics are brought to us by alternative guitarist-singer-songwriter María del Pilar. With her new bubble pop electric psychedelic ditty entitled  “Original Dreamers” María intrinsically and boldly dedicated to her late mother, who braved an uncertain future when she and husband decided to immigrate to America.

In an apparent reference to the stories of heavy challenges facing immigrants in the country under the "Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals," the rockin' pop songstress explains in accounts: “Reminded me of what I saw my parents go through when I was a kid immigrating from Chile to the US. I had a chance to thank my father for these sacrifices but never got a chance to thank my mom.”

“Original Dreamers,” is a groove-tastic ethereal dancey number from thee L.A beaut.

Dig out thee ever so catchy and feel good rhythm that's a little disco, a little Spanish, a little pop dance, and a whole lotta authentic soul! Produced by Filip Nikolic, thee forthcoming album entitled “Canciones + Songs II” unleashes everywhere Nov. 2nd!

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