Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Alice Merton Unleashes New Single "Why So Serious"

Our current favorite German-Canadian-English singer and songwriter Alice Merton has been moving and groovin' our soundwaves for the last year now and with such hits that have achieved success like her debut tune, "No Roots", and our other preferred track "Lash Out," Alice has dropped yet another far-out bomb.

Merton has been a busy bee traveling around the world touring and performing across TV landscapes which we've been consecutively covering since the beginning. Now Alice has unleashed her new tune entitled "Why So Serious" along with thee accompanying official musique video.

Alice has departed from her usual "give no fucks" pop/rock appeal and is trading it in for a more sunkissed like, easy breezy number. Not taking life so seriously, both melodically and lyrically, Alice simultaneously announced that her debut album 'MINT' will finally see the light of day come next year, January 18th, 2019!

Until further ado, dig out Alice's electrifyingly fun nuevo tune "Why So Serious"...

Reminisce on Merton's last single released back in May, thee funky rock and rollin', "Lash Out."

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